Free Astrology Miscarriage Case

This page of Free Astrology Miscarriage case began by a rather confused letter from which I couldn't get whether she has any children alive. Then she clarified:

I got pregnant for the first time in March 2003. My baby was due on December 6 2003. My pregnacy was perfect, no complications, bloodwork was perfect.

I checked into the local hospital on November 19 with mild contractions. I was dialated 1.5. The doctor and hospital said i was in preterm later and it was going to take a long time for me to deliver, so they told me they were going to send me home in the morning so I opted to go home.

On the morning of Nov. 21, I didn't feel my baby move. She was very active. Always kicking up a storm. I started to get worried and went to see my dr. They confirmed that there was no heartbeat. It was the worst moment in my entire life. She waS 37 1/2 weeks and beautiful.

It has been a dreadful 2 1/2 years already. I requested an autopsy and it read DX Umbelical cord thrombosis. A clot had cut her breathing supply.

After my birth, I switched dr's and went to see another dr. In April 2004. I got pregnate with my 2nd baby. I went to see my Dr. and he said there was no gestational sac. It would eventually lead to miscarriage, and at 5 1/2 wks, it did. I started spotting brown, then bleeding.

I started seeing a homeopathic dr and had 1 mc with him. He said the reason I mc was because my womb was getting ready again for another baby. It started the same, at 5 1/2 weeks, spotting brown, then bleeding heavily. I had nowhere to turn and was so saddened by the fact I could not hold on to my pregnancies.

So in turn, I had a stillborn baby at 37 1/2 wks and 3 miscarriages.

The last pregnacy I had was in Feb. 2005. I've been seeing a specialist in Fertility since August 2004. In Feb 2005 I got pregnant again and mc at 5 1/2 weeks. Spotting brown, then bleeding.

He has helped me conceive, but we still have not found the cause for the miscarriages. He has given me Clomid, progesterone, has given me bloodwork exams and so forth. He doesn't want to give me fertility treatment just yet because he wants to wait on my pap results In June. He said if they come back abnormal, he will give me other treatment for that instead of the fertility treatment.

I'm very scared those results might come back abnormal again and I will never be able to have another child. And even with that, I don't want to waste anymore time. I am 31 years old and my bio clock is ticking. Sadly, I don't have any living children yet and that's why I'm getting very anxious, depressed, and losing hope. I would really appreciate any information you can provide me.

Since this analysis takes hours and hours of my real time to make, I told her to start using the General Energy Pack right away, as a sort of first aid. Here is her comment after receiving two Energy Packs:

Wow.Energy packs makes you feel great. Cant explain the feeling. Feel physically better since I started taking it. Thanks!!

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The Natal Chart

natal chart, miscarriage, astrology, horoscope

The first thing that leaves impression in this chart is a stellium, a group of four planets in Sagittarius, as follows:

. the Sun -- 10 degrees,

. the Moon -- 8 degrees,

. Mercury -- 12 degrees, and

. Neptune -- 11 degrees.

The presence of Neptune makes this a difficult combination, as it opens the vertical channels of energy and directly allows out-of-this-world energies to come to the body. In spite of a strong Sagittarius influence here, you should be in part described as if you were born in Pisces -- overly idealistic and too touchy. The Ascendent in a fixed sign of Taurus will make you tougher though, and a trine from Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, to the entire stellium gives a touch of an enormous strength. Sextile from Pluto on 11 Libra to the stellium is also recuperative and will allow you to endure what others couldn't.

There are two problems with this stellium.

1) It is in the eighth house, which rules the hormones, and both rulers of the fifth house, which represent the first pregnancy, are in that eighth house. It is a classic case of fear from giving birth and if there is to be a successful pregnancy here, this fear must first be resolved.

2) The true problem is timing. From year 2000 up to 2011, there is a series of long and "bad" transits as follows:

. Pluto through Sagittarius,

. Saturn through Gemini, and

. Uranus through Pisces,

which make life miserable for the members of these signs (Virgo, the fourth mutable sign, is affected just as much by this). So many new energy sources on the rulers of the fifth house (first pregnancy) mean she is focused on giving birth, but since all these planets are malefic ("evil"), there will be no joy, unless their energies were counteracted by energy healing.

To be more precise, it is possible to counteract any kind of "evil" energies if the person lives the life that he or she were born for. With this emphasis on the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses, she should be in some kind of medical business or activity. At least a part of her life should be devoted to healing others, and these years it could mean her learning more about Bach flower remedies and homeopathy. Anybody with two or more planets in the signs of Pisces and Aries would do well to treat either themselves or others through homeopathy, since two greatest homeopaths in history, Hanneman (the founder of homeopathy) and Kent, had three planets in each of these two signs. In this chart, she has Chiron and Jupiter in Aries and transiting Uranus is in Pisces and will continue to be in Aries up to 2024, so this is good time for her to start learning about energy healing.

If she learnt and applied energy healing to herself and the people around her (we are not talking going professional since there is a strong opposition from Jupiter in the twelfth to Pluto on the sixth), the negative effects of Neptune could be engaged somewhere else and not inside her own body, causing conventional doctors to so easily misdiagnose her. Even if Neptune were alone in the eighth house, it would be a strong token that a second opinion is needed and that one classical doctor, no matter how well-intenting he or she might be, is just not good enough. In this Free Astrology Miscarriage chart, the situation only gets worse by no less then four planets being present in the eighth house, not only one.

Sensing that, she was switching doctors, going to one homeopath in-between others. From her explanation, this does not appear to be a classical homeopath, because he was diagnosing her by having her hold two metal rods and then reading the results from some kind of a machine. While I would be the last to dispute unorthodox medical ideas, this simply did not work. It is not sufficient to go to someone who prescribes homeopathic remedies if that person is not following an efficient methodology -- "homeopathy" is not some kind of magic wand that will resolve everything, once and for all. There are so many ways of prescribing a homeopathic remedy that it can be baffling sometimes.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Shutting Down The Vertical Connection

Our bodies live in a 3D world, and I usually call these energies "horizontal" -- you can touch them and feel them as material objects. The "vertical" energies are symbolized by Neptune. If it is strong -- and in this chart it simply can't be stronger -- the person is open to energy tornadoes which may come and go. If the Moon is in play (and here it is), the person is overly sensitive to alien vibrations, can pick them and store them even without knowing it. In case of the Moon, the energy usually is stored in the uterus and ovaries, but here the stellium is in the eighth house and it rules the hormones and glands with internal secretion. There will be no healing and, consequently, no babies until she learns how to protect herself from energy pollution, or -- once these energies come in, how to expel them from her body.

To protect, she should always carry a piece of amethyst with her. She could get attuned to Reiki and then give herself treatments once a day. Reiki will both cleanse and heal her, on a daily basis. Besides that, she should be in a frequent or constant treatment with Bach flower remedies, which can both protect and cleanse. Finally, she needs a strong homeopathic treatment to put hormones under control. Herbal remedies, alone or in conjunction with homeopathy, also make sense here.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The Difference Between The Ordinary Medical Approach And Energy Healing

The main difference is that when you go to a gynecologist, he or she will think only in terms of their own specialization. When it comes to hormones, they will prescribe "low level" sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and a few others to be taken in material doses. As long as you take them, they do something; they are a cure.

On the other hand, through energy healing, the entire body gets well, which in case of hormones means that the entire hormonal system must be balanced first, starting with the pituitary gland. Provided that there are not structural changes in the body, once the glands are OK, everything else will be OK too. Apart from physical damage in excessive situations, the main reason for miscarriages is in almost all cases one and the same: the hormonal mix became screwed up. This may mean taking (carefully selected) remedies for the glands through the entire pregnancy, but it really doesn't matter, it is only the final success that counts.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Shock Remedy (Homeopathic Version)

After all these shocks, spanned in continuo throughout several years in a row, the emotional scars must be washed away first. There are two ways to do that and I'd suggest here that she does both types of cleansing, one through homeopathy, the other through Bach flower remedies.

Shock will consist of the following four remedies, taken together in the potency of 200C:

Arnica -- physical shock to the tissues, especially during the pregnancy, lesions, trauma either physical or psychical,

Opium -- not feeling consciousness, a kind of dreamy state of the body and mind, disorientation, any kind of shock (either mental or emotional); strong fears,

Passiflora -- disrupted nervous system, insomnia,

Ignatia -- emotional shock, sadness, grief, sorrow, letting go from en emotional attachement to an event from the past. Depression, constant sighing.

Order these remedies each in potency of 200C and then combine them into one new remedy. If you order the remedies in pellets, take another bottle, put destilled water into it with some brandy or pure alcohol, and dissolve a few pellets from each of the remedies into it. Close the bottle and shake it vigorously for one minute or 100 times. Then drink the combined remedy from the "fifth" bottle, and once you spend it, just make another combination remedy. Take the remedy four times a day, for at least a month. You may experience pain in various parts of the body but that is OK. It just shows where the energy of all these disappointments and shocks was stored in the body; the stored energy must go out, which is the main idea with this remedy. After taking this Shock combination for a while, everything else will be much easier.

Your husband should take this remedy too. In any case, if there is a too strong pullout and discomfort, stop taking the remedies for one day and then start taking them again until the symptoms disappear. In homeopathy, this is called aggravation, the remedies are healing you by annulling the previous experiences, but during that, some unpleasant symptoms may arise. If the remedy is well chosen, all will be well. If it is not, you stop taking the remedy and then reassess the situation. In this case, since both of you have been shocked so many times and continuously, taking some kind of antishock is a must.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Bach Flower Remedies For Her

Simultaneously with the homeopathic shock remedy, she should take the following combination of Bach flower remedies. There will be components for shock and for other mental and emotional states that she now is in. Here it is:

Mimulus -- fears of known origin, such as "I won't be able to conceive anymore".

Gentian -- depression from a known cause, a sense of not being able to overcome a barricade in your life.

Gorse -- you are touching the lowest point of your life, and Gorse will give you the will and the strength to stand up and fight once again.

White Chestnut -- to cut off of the unwanted thoughts, helps overcome insomnia.

Walnut -- to be able to leave all these traumatic experiences behind.

Star of Betlehem -- shock, grief, trauma, will also promote better functioning of the brain.

Larch -- self-confidence, getting an inner strength, to be able to do it in spite of everything.

Beside this, also buy Rescue Remedy and start taking it when you go to the doctor and afterwards, when any traumatic experience might present itself in your life. Take it even when after watching a horror movie on TV, after going to the dentist and so on. Rescue remedy is your best friend when it comes to surgical interventions, will save a lot of blood after the procedure and you will be much better overall, much sooner.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Bach Flower Remedies For Him

He should be taking another combination of flower remedies, as follows:

Gorse -- gives new hope and strength,

Clematis -- brings back to reality instead of dreaming about better future,

White Chestnut -- stop negative thougths from recurring,

Holly -- so many bad feelings, must get away from them,

Willow -- blames his wife for the whole situation, this must stop if their marriage is to continue,

Star of Betlehem -- shock, grief, sorrow,

Vine -- not everything can go the way he wants, must stop enforcing his will upon her and others.

They should take flower remedies at least for a month or two -- until there is a definite change in character in both of them.

Having taken care of the past events, it is now time to turn to the future, to another attempt to conceive and pass through the pregnancy unscathed. That means the hormones must work perfectly.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Cimicifuga

There is a homeopathic remedy for women who underwent the experience of giving birth to a stillborn baby, and it is called Cimicifuga. (It is also known under the name of Actea Racemosa.) It is a well studied plant, and produces strong effects on the entire female reproductive system. It has effect on production of estrogen as well as on estrogen receptors in the uterus.

In homeopathy, it is given to women that have a so-called postpartal depression, a state of depression after giving birth. She should take Cimicifuga 200C, three times a day, for three or four weeks or until the symptoms of depression disappear, after the homeopathic shock remedy -- it is a continuation of the same theme, only from another angle. The homeopathic shock remedy should liberate the body from the stored stress; the flower remedies combination should liberate the emotions, while Cimicifuga should release from this particular type of depression and start a quality production of hormones.

Cimicifuga is also given to women in the last six weeks of pregnancy if there is a history of a stillborn child, so she should take it then, again.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Balancing the Hormones

This is not enough, though. She should now take a remedy for balancing the pituitary gland, without which there will be no proper hormonal mix. One such remedy if Vitex Agnus Cactus, and there are many others. Personally, I prefer working with pure frequences of pituitary gland, available through radionics. I couldn't find such remedies in online pharmacies, so here I'll propose the following mix, which both of them should take at the same, following the principle that in treatments of marital infertility, both parthers should balance their hormonal systems at the same time.

However, there is a decision to make here: you cannot be on Clomid or any other fertility drug because they target the same organs in the body. You have to inform your doctor what you will do, so that he or she could have a clear situation. In this case, more isn't better. Do not start Cimicifuga or a combo remedy with Cimicifuga in it while on Clomid.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The Best Time For the Next Pregnancy

There will be a favourable transit of Jupiter through the sign of Sagittarius, starting on 26th of November 2006, lasting for almost the entire 2007. This is your chance to get pregnant and make it. Before that, do not bother getting pregnant. Transitory Uranus is squaring the stellium in Sagittarius, from 2003 to the end 2006, which gave sense of great urgency and which also induced all these misshappenings. Uranus, when connected to the rulers of the fifth house (here, Sun and Mercury), tends to induce miscarriages, and that is what it did.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The Stillborn Baby

The death of the first child, which was almost born alright but actually was not, was due to the extremely unfortunate transits of Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. In 2003, Mars was retrograde in the first 10 degrees of Pisces, and was closest to Earth for the last 75,000 years, which means his influence was many times stronger than usual. Mars in Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune in the natal chart is on 11 Sagittarius, while Mars was stationary on the 10th degree of Pisces on 28th July 2003. Slow Mars also means an influence stronger than usual, and Mars squaring Neptune means drowning or death by drowning -- or suffocating.

On November 19th 2003 Mars was on 15 Pisces, Jupiter exactly the opposite on 15 Virgo and both of them squaring the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. (This is imporant, as when the planet ruling the sign is in malefic aspect to it, the planets in that sign start to literally lose energy in spades.) Mars is red iron in the blood, Venus in Sagittarius is a blod clot, in harsh aspects to Jupiter -- it came somewhere from the arteries and veins in the upper parts of the legs. What was the solution? -- A C section, since Mars and the Moon were in the aspect of square -- a surgical action upon the uterus.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The Value of Astrology As a Predictive Tool

Now, let us be honest. Yes, all of these could have been seen in a regular astrological consultation, but the final conclusion, that the baby just MUST die, would be hard to swallow. The value of the consultation would be to alert the pregnant woman that something terrible can happen near the end of the pregnancy -- and that would be also very hard to accept, since the poor woman would be terrified to death, having a few months of the remaining pregnancy to ponder how it all would unfold. Such a consultation without being followed by a proper energy healing could easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy... a terrible situation and the main reason so few astrologers dare delve into medical astrology.

The essence of all this that the entire effort to get pregnant and have babies should not have undertaken at all while Uranus squares the stellium in the eighth house, or -- if there was no other way, strict energy healing measures must have been undertaken. For instance, Uranus speeds things up, so she should have been taking Impatiens from the group of Bach flower remedies, as "speeding things up" emotionaly equals to being impatient. Reiki would have been helpful too... and so on. Without the warning from the astrology consultation, things unfold as they do according to the planetary transits, which means planetary energies hit at their strongest -- with terrible consequences, as we see in this chart.

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- The End of Uranus Terror

So, when will Uranus finally pass away? Here is the chart for transits on 28th of April 2006, where Uranus is on 13 degrees Pisces and moving directly.

astrology, chart, transits, horoscope, miscarrieage

During 2006 it will be retrograde again. On 17th June it will start going back to 10 degrees of Pisces, making the square to the natal Sun and the rest of the stellium. Ironically enough, it will turn direct (will start leaving the 10th degree) on November 18th 2006, and that will be the end of its malefic influence. Simultaneously, on 24th of November 2006, Jupiter enters the sign of Sagittarius, and that is the golden chance, lasting for the entire year of 2007. So, wait, wait, wait it out, and in the meantime, do take Impatiens to counteract Uranus (this is not the only remedy, of course, but is the most striking in this situation.)

Free Astrology Miscarriage Case -- Progression

The progression of the Free Astrology Miscarriage chart is also revealing a lot.

In this chart we also see that hormones will not be working, especially during the transit of Saturn through the sign of Cancer, from June 4th 2003 up to July 15th 2005. The progressed Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of its debilitation, here squared by Pluto... not good. Pluto squaring the Moon may induce physical problems with reproductive organs, ovaries and/or uterus. The opposition of transitory Saturn from the sign of Cancer just makes things worse, and if there is some kind of disease, the harsh aspect of Saturn to the Moon will make it materialize.

To cut the long story short, she should visit her gynecologist at least once a year now, whether on some kind of fertility treatment or not.

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