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Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Chart

This Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Chart is a case of marital infertility with lots of distracting "little" problems that get in the way. In her own words:

The second surgery was in 1985 in the summer I beleave and it was to remove a bone tumor from my toe. The last surgeries were to remove a tumor from the left fallopian tube (tube was spared as the tumor was on the fascia not the tube itself) and a fibrous tumor from the left axillary region (breast tumor) all benign. Performed sept of 2003. The date is close.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I went in for a check up 5-1-06. We started trying to conceive after we got the all clear early 2004. Other than asthma (seasonal) (first symptoms when I was 6 weeks old but undiagnosed until 6 months old) and hypothyriodism (diagnonsed 2004), all else is fine.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- The Natal Chart

Here is her natal chart:

natal chart, astrology, infertility, tumor, fallopian tubes

In the natal chart, the Moon is on 17 Pisces, in the fifth house. The Moon is squared by retrograde Mars on 15 Sagittarius, and there is just-out-of-orbis square from Mercury on 10 Gemini too. Moon sextiles the natal Sun on 20 Taurus, in the seventh house of marriage and partners, and this one positive aspect is the chance to have a successful pregnancy -- one day. The natal square from Mars means that there will be a need for some surgical experience, meaning she will need some surgery to rectify the conditions in the uterus and/or ovaries. The feeble square to Mercury connects the fifth and the eighth houses, the former is the first pregnancy, the latter is the end of the first pregnancy, and a square between these planets means that some kind of fear will have to be overcome in order to create conditions to get pregnant.

Mercury in the eighth house in Gemini is a classic case of asthma, especially when the transits through mutable signs are long. Asthma is "being drowned in love", she thinks she doesn't even have the right to breathe. It is also blaming oneself for the circumstances that are beyond one's control. Asthma is very common in children whose parents just got divorced -- they blame themselves for the break-up. It is also the fear for oneself and, turning it around, an intense desire to control everything around oneself. No wonder homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album is one of the premier remedies for asthma.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- The Transits

Here are the transits for the natal chart:

transit chart, astrology, infertility, tumor, fallopian tubes

From 1996 up to 2008, Pluto is in Sagittarius, squaring the Moon tightly from 1999 up to mid 2005, the last exact aspect being in December 2003. This is more than enough to bring various disorders of uterus and ovaries, and the hovering of transitory Pluto over the natal Mars means that something had to be cut out -- the surgery for tumor in September 2003 fits nicely into this timeframe. Add to this the transits of Saturn through the sign of Gemini, from 2000 up to June 2003. The first intensive period was from June 2001 to October 2000, where Saturn turned retrograde. On February 7th 2002 Saturn started going direct from 8 Gemini, and May 2002 was especially intensive as transiting Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn were forming a full T-square with the natal Mars and Moon.

Saturn was not stationary on the 17 Gemini, was only passing over that point, and when retrograde again, was on 22 Gemini from January to March 2003. That is probably why there was a tumor near the reproductive organs but not at the organs themselves. (The natal Mars probably directed the tumor to the muscles around the reproductive organs.)

All these transits have passed by now, there is damage done but nothing too big. Now it is Uranus on 13 Pisces that will conjunct the natal Moon. This transit ends in December 2008, and the last transit over the Moon will be mid-February 2008. It will be almost two years from now and this is both good and bad. The good part is that Uranus will lend its energies to the Moon, that is, directly to the uterus, and that can lead to a suprising pregnancy, totally unplanned. In fact, any effort too strict and too organized to get prenant will fail. The nature of Uranus is to be somewhat wild, so she can get pregnant in spite of someone, but not when she wants it. The more the situation is ennervating, the more she is hysterical, the greater the chances for pregnancy will be.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- How To Make a Baby

he couples that concentrate on "making babies", have intercourse every day, plan sex by calendar and fertile days... will not make it during this transit. The essence of Uranus transit is to be wild, unpredictable, unstable -- to have sex on the spur of the moment, in unusual places and circumstances, by breaking the routine. Since all of this is happening in Pisces, making love at sea, on the water bed, on hard to reach places, in isolation... will also help. A change to "doggy position" will also help, since both the Aquarius (represented here by its ruler Uranus) and Pisces signs love that position and that is one of the few things that they have in common.

The additional energy of transiting Uranus can otherwise be devastating to the fertility plans of this couple. One of the preconditions for getting pregnant is that the vagina is alkaline during the intercourse and after, or the sperm will die. It is the endings of the nerves in vagina and uterus that need to be properly excited for this, and with too much Uranian energy, the excitation can be too strong and the fertilisation cannot happen.

The biggest danger in this chart is to get pregnant and then let Uranus conjunct the Moon and square natal Mars ruin everything. The natal Mars squaring the Moon is a sign of probable caesarian section. While Uranus is over the Moon, the labor will start vehemently, possibly before time.

She can dissipate excessive Uranian energy through her square to Mars -- tennis, jogging, bicycle riding, horse riding etc. (any kind of Sagittarius sports) will do just nicely. Or she can use Mercury in Gemini, to write, compose, do something manually, with leather or wood. Or, she can use the sextile from Moon to Sun -- spend quality time with her husband, and that will help her the most. (He, on the either hand, will have to learn some new life skills to stay calm when his beloved wife starts yelling at him apparently with no reason...)

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Other Kinds of Healing

If nothing of this is applicable, some energy healing will do the trick. Reiki is always an option, but ideally, it would be her husband giving Reiki to her (to calm her down). The best option would be Bach flower remedies, especially Vervain, to help them relax and do not go after sex only to "make a baby". Vervain stops the extra effort and relaxes. Impatiens will also help, as they are anxious to finally make it, the "bio-clock" is ticking and so on. Other remedies also come to mind, but these two will help immensely in any kind of Uranian transit over the Moon in a female chart.

Any other kind of nerv tonic will do just nicely, thank you very much, and it can be purely herbal, or a mixture of homeopathic remedies with herbs, or -- of course -- just the homeopathic remedies by themselves.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- A Trine From Jupiter

There is a very favourable transit of Jupiter through the sign of Scorpio from July 5th 2006 to 26th September 2006. Jupiter trines the natal Moon, which will help stabilize functions of the uterus and ovaries, so it would be an excellent time to take proper herbal tonics and homeopathic remedies to regain hormonal balance.

Things get even better, as Jupiter is then going on to natal Neptune, the ruler of the fifth house... a chance to get pregnant, actually. This is a very short transit as they come, after November 12th 2006 it is gone. However, it certainly is a chance since in the beginning of that November, there will be transitory Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and Venus besides Jupiter, to back things up. This is the first realistic chance to get pregnant, and it is actually this year. So, prepare!

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- The Sun-Moon Cycle

Apart from the fertile days, the period the egg can be fertilized is 4 to 6 day before the New Moon. Ideally, the periods and this Sun-Moon cycle should take place at the same time and that is, theoretically speaking the best chance, but in reality it will all depend.

If in doubt, find a site that publishes the phases of the Moon on the front page, and compare those with the period. Or you can download any of the free astrology programs, set them to show the chart of Now when fired up, and watch for the Moon coming to the same position as in the natal chart -- 63 degrees behind the Sun.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Uranus Can Wreak Havoc

She should be able to have two children, from the first two pregnancies. Having said that, I must caution that Uranus over the natal Moon much too frequently gives a sudden loss of the fetus, as the ovaries produce hormones in a hectical manner. With Uranus, disruptions are normal, but disrupted hormonal flow yields to tragic consequences and losing the pregnancy. She should not work while being pregnant, but should only indulge in "beautiful music and beautiful thoughts". It leaves it of course to the husband to make enough money for all of them to live upon during the pregnancy and beyond.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Maintaing Erections

The potential father-to-be should also heal himself, continually, especially the hormones. Everything will be destroyed, and on the double, if he cannot get erection when the time comes. These are very sad situations, when a husband and wife love each other, want to have children and everything, and then he cannot do it. He should also take remedies that balance his hormones, as well as the remedies that produce better circulation. One such proved remedy is Gingko Biloba, either alone or as a part of some mixture.

I am not a great fan of Viagra, Cialis and similar substances. An intercourse is the source of the greatest pleasure known to a male, but this is about the quality of sperm. So, get the hormones right and everything else will fall in place on its own. Once you understand that in heart of every sexual problem are hormones, you can improve your own hormonal status. Both for males and females it means strengthening the pituitary gland, which rules all other hormones, including the sexual ones.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Fixing the Hormones

So, the question is: how to deal directly with the pituitary gland? Homeopathy coupled with radionics would be the best idea here, but radionics practitioners and machins are rare throughout the world, so let's substitute it for homeopathy plus herbal remedies. The trick is, of course, to find a remedy or a mixture of remedies that will simultaneously enhance both the function of the pituitary gland and the functioning of the reproductive organs.

In marital infertility, when a man and a woman get together and want to have children but can't, both partners must take remedies, all the time, until she conceives. The male should take remedies for the pituitary gland and the male reproductive system, while the woman should do the same plus the remedeis for the female reproductive system. The same homeopathic remedies that solve female problems will also solve "male" problems, for instance, a remedy called Folliculinum, which is a hormone for growing follicules, can increase the quantity of sperm in a male, and so on.

They should take the combination of Fertile XY for him enhance his fertility, and she should take Fertile XX to increase her fertility.

For her, it is Fertile XX, which contains:

Vitex agnus-castus (Chasteberry) -- will influence the pituitary gland, and will balance the levels of progesterone, estrogen and prolactin.

Cimicifuga racemosa (Black Cohosh) -- influences the production of estrogen as well as estrogen receptors in the uterus. Can prevent early miscarriage.

Eleutherococcus senticosis (Siberian Ginseng) -- restores energy to the body, support sexual functions, can be given as an aphrodisiac. Will relieve stress, too.

Fertility enhancer for him, Fertile XY, is:

Epimedium grandiflorum -- promotes male potency, increases sperm production and acts as an aphrodisiac.

Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) -- strengthens connective tissue and the walls of blood vessels, including the seminiferous tubules which manufacture sperm; helps strengthen erections and enhances sexual desire.

Tribulus terristis -- will calm the nervous system down, reduce stress, and enhance the reproductive ability.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Countering the Transit of Uranus

In this case, I would suggest using Triple Complex Nerve Tonic, as the means of defending your emotions from the prolongued transit of Uranus over the natal Moon. The triple nerve tonic contains the following:

Ferrum Phosphoricum -- is is the tissue salt of Pisces. The logic here is to support the natal Moon through its "natal" tissue salt.

Kalium Phosphate -- the tissue salt of the sign of Aries, in which she has her Venus. An interesting coincidence is that her fifth house, the house of first pregnancy, is in Pisces and Aries, so taking both tissue salts should be favourable for the first pregnancy. Kali Phos is the main tissue salt for the brain and will considerably enhance its function.

Magnesium Phosphate -- the tissue salt of Leo. There is no direct correspondence with the natal chart here, but Mag Phos will do wonders for the nerves in the entire body, and she will need it during the prolongued Uranus-over-the-natal-Moon transit.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Removing Hypothyroidism

For her hypothyroidism (also known as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), she should take Thyroid Assist, which contains the following herbs:

Fucus vesiculosis (bladderwrack or kelp) -- a well known sea plant, full of iodine and other useful components. It will "wake up" a sluggish thyroid gland, and the result is an overall increase in metabolism. Very often, you will see it as a part of various slimming mixtures -- and it works.

Avena sativa -- wild oat, will help with low libido, aleviate depression, increse energy.

Coleus forskohlii -- heals high blood pressure and forces thyroid to release its hormones.

A Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Case -- Endometriosis

She has endometriosis. The best way to deal with it -- hormones apart -- is to find a good homeopath. Endometriosis is regarded as a genetical weakness, and the way to overcome it is to use a miasm, a homeopathic remedy that erases the genetic predisposition for gynecological illnesses. There are only four miasms and the miasm for endometriosis is a remedy called Medorrhinum. I do not want to oversimplify all this, please read the corresponding pages on homeopathy and endometriosis on this site, then come back to read the rest of this page.

A constitutional remedy should also help a lot, and the best treatment would combine erasing the miasm, plus a true constitutional remedy, plus several other remedies later, according to the actual condition. Suitable remedies for cystical ovaries are:

Silicea 30C

Apis Mel 30C

Thuja 30C

and there are, of course, many others. Medorrhinum 1M, one dose each week, for no more than four weeks in a row, is also a must.

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