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Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart

Free astrology female infertility chart is a case of marriage which lasts for four years but there is no children. Let us have a look at the natal chart:

female infertility, astrology, hysterectomy

The Moon is on 13 Aries and is in the fourth house. The fifth house denotes first pregnancy and the fourth house is twelfth from the fifth, which means this Moon is weak. The Moon in the fourth house is a classic predisposition of infertility, or there may be children but under special circumstances. On the bright side, the ruler of the fourth house is Neptune, on 9 Sagittarius, and the aspect between the Moon and Neptune is the best there is -- a trine. If the Moon were placed in the sign of Pisces, this aspect would guarantee at least one successful pregnancy, but the true ruler of the Moon here is Mars, on 0 Cancer.

Mars in Cancer is in fall, since its exaltation is in Capricorn. This Mars does not know what to do with its own energy, Mars is a physical action and the sign of Cancer is pure Water and Emotion -- Mars just doesn't understand that. If the partner's Mars is more direct, this woman will find the partner too strong and may not connect well with him, physically and sexually.

Mars and Moon in Mutual Reception

Mars is in Cancer and Moon is in Aries, and this is a case of mutual reception -- Mars rules the Moon through Aries and the Moon rules Mars through Cancer. As it stands, this is not fortunate, since both signs are Cardinal in quality (hasty, impatient) and the square between them makes each planet progressively weaker.

Mars does have two benefic aspects, a sextile to Chiron and a trine to Uranus (and Sun). Chiron will help Mars through additional education and alternative healing, while Uranus -- the ruler of astrology -- means this woman will have easier times in getting pregnant after her problem had been described by means of astrology.

Mars and Moon are in mutual reception, so if these two planets swapped places, it would be much easier to achieve pregnancy. In that case the Moon would be on 0 Cancer, in her husband's first house, which would denote a strong influence of some woman on him. Ideally, that would be his mother or his wife, in which case she should gather the courage to tell him exactly what she wants. The position of the Moon in her seventh house would, together with a trine to Uranus and Sun, guarantee her an excellent relationship with her husband, as well as the success of second pregnancy.

Moon Opposed Pluto and Mercury

The Moon is opposed by Pluto and Mercury, both on 9 Libra. Moon opposed by Pluto is the predisposition to tumours, myoma, polyps and cysts of uterus and/or ovaries. As far as conception is concerned, this opposition can be seen as adhesions in the inner and outer wall of Fallopian tubes, and if these are not open, the male and female cells cannot meet. Saturn was in the sign of Cancer from 4 June 2003 to 15 July 2005, squaring this opposition, so it this woman should go to a gynecologist for a thorough check-up (I'm writing this in April 2006). Saturn leaves chronic diseases behind, so these two years were not fortunate for conceiving, to say the least. Saturn also delays everything (if not properly planned), which is yet another reason that there was no conception in these years.

Mercury rules her marriage and is in exact trine to the start of seventh house. She will not be the one to break this relationship nor marriage! On the other hand, transitory Uranus from Pisces squares the seventh house (this will last from 2003 up to 2014), so some kind of separation from husband is in order. At the very least, he is often not at home, and could be out with his friends in some kind of military or sporting activity.


In this Free Astrology Female Infertility chart, the first pregnancy (the 5th house) is ruled by Mars on 0 Cancer and Venus on 10 Virgo. Both Mars and Venus are in their signs of fall, so it is unlikely that she will get pregnant just like that. Because of Mars in Cancer, her husband should do well to touch her, caress her and show his affection in a physical manner. However, Mars in her seventh house will quarell and fight (sometimes physically) with the husband, somehow wanting him to stand up, in order to provoke him to be more masculine then he already is. If the husband is not a fighter, sportman or hunter, there will be no peace for him in this marriage; she will imply even without words that he is not worthy of her, and he will then abandon her or just avoid her.

She is also utterly idealistic when it comes to love. Her Venus is squared by Neptune. She loves in a somewhat calculating and peevish way (Venus in her fall, the sign of Virgo), totally unaware of the actual situation; Neptune square Venus expects everything nicest in the relationship, there is no place for humans of flesh and blood here. Partners in the material world just cannot be so ideal as she would expect, want, and demand. She will finally be disappointed, as he is not as nice as this Neptune square Venus would demand, while on the other hand, her Mars in the seventh house needs a strong male... It is very difficult for one man to fulfill all these contradicting needs at once.

Saturn in the 8th house means that something is stopping her hormones from working. On the psychological level, this is fear from giving birth, as if something terrible is awaiting when the pregnancy comes to its natural end. This fear is best resolved with Bach flower remedies. On the other hand, we can use purely astrological means of resolving problems, so she should find a gynecologist described by this Saturn. He should be wise (Saturn) and widely respected (Saturn in Leo), most probably a chief (Leo) of some clinic or powerful in some other way (2 Leo is probably the most powerful degree in the entire Zodiac).

Chiron conjunct Jupiter and then the Moon in Aries means that certain alternative therapies must be used to achieve pregnancy. Chiron in the fifth also means she was grossly hurt in some of her previous incarnations by her children, so she is reluctant to bear again.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- The Timing of Conception

In this free astrology female infertility chart the Sun and the Moon are almost opposing each other. So, the ideal time during the monthly period for spermatozoids to enter the egg is 3-5 days before Full Moon. Of course, this presupposes that there is at least one follicule opening at that time, so the greatest probability of conceiving is when the cycles of Sun and Moon coincide with the fertile days. Nevertheless, it is not possible to know whether there is any follicule parting, so in this chart it is best to always plan to have have sexual intercourse(s) a few days before the full Moon, regardless of whether the "formal" fertile days are in order or not.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- Transits

Here are the transits for 18th of April 2006:

female infertility, astrology, hysterectomy

In this free astrology female infertility chart, Moon is on 27 Sagittarius, exactly on Pluto (26 Sag.), departing from him, applying to the trine with the Sun on 28 Aries. The Moon is not void here, so there will be something to do to improve upon the situation. Departure from Pluto means there was some mechanical obstacle in the reproductive tract that should be overcome be now (a visit to a gynecologist is in order, immediately), while the square to the Sun means a serious, heated but long overdue discussion with the husband, who will finally admit to wanting a child with her (the transiting Sun in her natal fifth house of first pregnancy). He will say yes but will be internally very worried because of the financies (the Sun squaring her natal Saturn from 21st of April).

Transiting Saturn is on her natal Saturn, it's time to draw conclusions about the choices made in life so far. Tr. Saturn will soon leave her 8th house, so she will be free from her fears, especially if she takes some of the flower remedies mentioned here.

Free Astrology Female Infertility -- Progressed Chart

Here is the progressed chart for the 18th April 2006:

female infertility, astrology

This chart sheds additional light on her problems in the last few years.

In this chart, Mars is retrograde, and right on the seventh cusp. Again, this may lead to an improper hormonal balance. The Moon will rule her marriage in the next thirty hears, but is in opposition to the progressed Sun, North Node, as well as Mercury. Moon is on 22 Taurus, nearing a dangerous Caput Algol on 26/27 Taurus -- the Moon will pass the dangerous point in August 2006 (Algol sometimes strangles the baby by tying up the umbilical cord around its neck, so it pays to be watchful here). After that, things do look brighter.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- What To Do Now?

The main battle here is on a subconscious level, so energy healing is a good match. Jok and Reiki, as helpful as they are, are not of particular interest here. Neither is dowsing, while homeopathy and flower remedies definitively are. Radionics is sort of neutral and is always welcome but radionics practitioners are not widespread enough to be of practical use.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- Homeopathic Remedies

Here are the homeopathic remedies that we can read from the free astrology female infertility chart:

Aconite 30C (Saturn in the 8th house) -- to help the anxiety of not having children go away.

Kali Phos 6X -- a homeopathic remedy which here is prescribed more as a tissue salt of the sign in which the Moon is, Aries.

Belladonna 18LM -- this advice is from a book on astrohomeopathy, I reproduce it here but I do not have any personal experience with this. This remedy should be extremely important if the Fallopian tubes were found closed due to adhesions. But, you might need to search out for the homeopath under whose care you would be taking this remedy. Also note that it will be difficult to obtain this remedy in the required potency -- generally, it is very difficult to obtain the remedies in LM potencies.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- Flower Remedies

Here are the flower essences that we can read from the free astrology female infertility chart:

Clematis -- to ground the square of Neptune to Venus. This remedy is always recommended when it comes to female infertility. It is that dreamy state in which a woman paints the joys of maternity for herself... and Clematis will return her to realities of actually "making" a baby

Mimulus -- for fears of all these things unknown (each pregnancy is a wonderful but also fearsome event!)

Gentian -- a state of depression that she now is in. Four years of marriage without getting pregnant hurts and now it seems all the more improbable. Gentian is an excellent remedy when it comes to clearing the barricades that one's consciousness has made up.

Gorse -- she is desperate by now. Gorse will give her a new hope and inner strength to fight and look for answers. A must for cronic cases of any kind!

White Chestnut -- she cannot help but think about her sorry state and White Chestnut will stop it. Will bring her good sleep too.

Impatiens -- another "constitutional" remedy for Aries, this time from the stable of flower remedies. She would dearly like that it all has passed and that she has become mother yesterday -- Impatiens will help her try and not become... well, impatient! Will curb hysterical attacks too (natal Sun conjunct Uranus -- she is also a kind of Aquarius, deep inside her), loves a good mental fight.

Walnut -- to help leave the present situation behind. Walnut clears the debris that others leave on us when we meet them, be it in this or in any other life. Since her progressed chart shows the Moon conjunct the Southern Node, her memories are (in the previous two years and up to August 2006) cloded by karmic debts; Walnut will help her leave this troubled period behind, unscathed as much as possible.

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- Further Considerations

All these remedies should be taken for several months in order to change the basic psychological profile of this woman. Even after that, flower remedies should be taken from time to time (not necessarily those that I mentioned here, planets move, new developments may require new types of energy healing etc). Regular visits to a gynecologist would also be in order, at least once a year. The truth about her reproductive health would be best learnt from a radionics reading, but I do not have her permission to do so, so I won't.

It takes two to make a baby, so it would be prudent to have a look at her husband's chart and see what's up there; he may have his own reproductive problems, and it is possible that his planets change the status of her natal chart, at fas as reproduction is concerned. In case of marital infertility, both partners must be healed before conception becomes possible. It means he should be under some therapy too, if nothing else to balance his own hormonal status. If you want to have the best possible children that you can make, then you better be in the best possible condition while "making" them!

Also, frequent sexual intercourses are in order. Ideally, that should be each day, and allways because you love each other. Illness, business engagements, trips etc. will make that impossible, so shape up your life so that you can have intercourse at least in two periods during the period --

. during the fertile days (usually, from 7th to the 13-15 day of menstruation but can be longer if the period is longer),

. when the Moon is approaching its natal position regards the Sun (a few days before the Full Moon in this chart).

If these cycles converge, then everything else must bow to that -- cancel all arrangements that would distract you from having an intercourse in those days. This will put a lot strain on the male, so he should better be prepared, by taking

. Aconite 30C to relieve anxiety before a date which is known in advance,

. Larch to have self-confidence,

. White Chestnut to escape too much concentration on the future event,

. Mimulus for a very real fear that he will not be up to the situation,

. Gingko Biloba, to make blood in the reproductive organs move faster -- the more blood there is, the better the erection will be.

If he is under his own cycle of Saturn transiting over his Venus, say Saturn square, opposing or conjuncting Venus, his sexual desire will be less than usual, so he should be taking something during this period. It would also help if the female partner were considerate, gentle, apllied lots of massage as a kind of prolongued forplay and so on. Male are not particularly aggressive during these transits, so beware!

Free Astrology Female Infertility Chart -- Hormones, a General View

The most important part in healing infertility, apart from phycisal problems which may require immediate surgery, is maintaining hormonal balance, starting with the pituitary gland. Once you have that, you may concentrate on other, "lower" level hormones, ending with the sex spedific hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, then LH and FSH. You need a proper mix of all these and a long time at that:

. several months up to a year before conception,

. nine months of pregnancy itself,

. 6 to 12 months of breast-feeding,

. not counting the rest of the life itself.

So, hormones first, surgery second (if needed at all), lot's of love for each other and that's it.

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