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Energy Packs -- Start Healing Yourself Right Now!

Even if you do not know anything about distant healing, you can easily receive it through Energy Packs. They contain Reiki energy, which is a universal life energy; it has intelligence of its own and heals what needs to be healed, be it in the physical, ethereal, mental, emotional, astral or any other plane. It is Universal Love, just open yourself to it and it will heal you, probably not completely in one, two or three sittings, but every little bit helps! Moreover, your decision to receive these healing energies may be a major step for you -- to try something new, to open yourself up to new ways of thinking, doing and healing yourself and others!

There are two free Energy Packs available right now at this site:

General Energy Pack

(Triple Energy Pack currently isn't working.)

If you click on the above links, you will find several testimonials. In the meantime, here is one from the person that took lots of both packs:
Hi Dusko

Thanks for your reply, although, I am not sure that I feel happy with your reading of ANOTHER YEAR AND HALF OF LACK OF ENERGY AND DEPRESSION?

Well, anyway, your energy packs have been doing strange things to me, at the beginning I did get some nice tingling and feeling of wellbeing, but later I got weepy and confused and generally feeling very fragile mentally. I thought of discontinuing energy packs, but I know that in alternative healing sometimes things get worse before they get better.

Also, I noticed another thing. I have been having problems with my lower spine, not serious back pain, but constant. For the last four days the pain is almost gone, comes back occasionally, but is weaker. Till now, the only other way I could temporarily get rid of it, was to get chiropractic adjustment. This latest change I can only attribute to your energy packs, as nothing else has changed in my life. Thanks very much, I will continue with the packs, and later will ask you to do a proper reading to work out ways in handling the rest of my problems.



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