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Endometrial Ablation For Submucous Leiomyoma Video


This is an endometrial ablation for submucous leiomyoma video, performed on a woman 41 of age. (Leiomyoma or myoma for short, is tumor of uterine muscle, usually called fibroid.) The woman was diagnosed with unresponsive menorrhagia; menorrhagia stands for "excessive bleeding", and unresponsive menorrhagia usually leads to a hysterectomy, because the doctors start thinking that nothing can save the day. Operative hysterescopy enables one to avoid hysterectomy by controlling the conditions of uterine bleeding.

In this case, the surgeon is Jose Bolanos, MD. His chose operative hysteroscopy, using an electrical loop. The electricity in the loop removes the segments of the fibroid.

Removing the fibroid is done in little steps, because the loop is small and can only cut away small parts one at a time. Once the largest part of the fibroid is removed, Mr. Bolanos proceeds with another instrument, GyneCare VersaPoint, which is a bipolar cuttery instrument to finish the cauterization and endometrial ablation of the uterine cavity.

In the end, the entire endometrium is removed and there will be no more bleeding for this patient.

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