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Dowsing is using a pendulum to obtain YES or NO answers to a particular question. The question must be such that only one or the other answer is possible. A question such as

When will I have hysterectomy?

is not suitable, while the question such

Should I have a hysterectomy?

is suitable. You cannot ask when will that happen too directly, but you can ask

Should my hysterectomy happen within the next 90 days?

Should Dr. X operate upon me?

and so on. It must be stressed though, that the pendulum is really not a device for predicting future, more like it is a tool for mining the data that come from you inner self. Although it may not seem much at first glance, your subconsciousness can reach out through your sixth chakra (the brow chakra) and get all the data about you that you will ever need; dowsing is merely one of many techniques that enable us to connect to our own selves.

That said, dowsing is not for everyone. The fact that it is done by hand and that you can influence that hand by your will is as an easy excuse not to do it. In fact, there is a simple way of finding out whether dowsing is for you: have a look at your natal chart and see whether there are any planets on degrees 3, 15 or 27 in any sign. If any of these planets are Mercury and/or Neptune, you can dowse. Ditto for any planets are in the third house, or if the ruler of the third house is in any aspect with the Sun, Mars etc.

Preparing Yourself

The hand with the pendulum just shows the value, while your inner self is being connected to your Higher Self. It is the Higher Self that goes to the fourth dimension, asks there and is answered. The answer is brought back through your hand and the pendulum. Using the pendulum is a metaphysical action, much more the just physical.

Practically anybody can use the pendulum, but it helps if you are well connected with your Higher Self. To that end, you can take several Bach flower remedies, such as Cerato, White Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, Larch and others, in order to enhance the connection to the Higher Self. You can also meditate before dowsing, exclude all external stimuli such as music, voices, ensure against interruptions of any kind and so on. It pays to be alone while dowsing, since it is known that the presence of other people may prevent you from dowsing normally.

Using Dowsing

Assuming that you can dowse, here's what you can do with it:

-- You can check whether the remedies you take are good for you or not.

-- You can check the food that you eat.

-- You can use radionics machines to see what remedies are appropriate; you also can diagnose your illnesses.

-- You can deal with chakras directly. If a chakra is not working properly, you can use pendulum to bring it back to normal. This does happen (the patient gets better) only at your expense. If you use this way to heal someone who is very ill, you may expect to pay it with your own good energy. Actually, in dowsing your finest spiritual energy is being spent and you should not do it ligthly or too often.

-- You can use diagrams to gauge the patients state directly. For instance, if someone has high blood pressure, you can dowse over a diagram to see the exact pressure without any actual measurements.

-- Through radiesthesia (selecting one out of many alternatives with a pendulum) you can create unique and powerful therapies. For instance, you can select all the methods of healing that are appropriate for the patient, then within one method, say, homeopathy, you can select one or more remedies which will cure the patient. When you make a remedy on a radionics machines, you can again check (with a pendulum) whether that remedy is good for the patient and so on.

To Dowse, You Need a Pendulum

Pendulum can be any weight on a piece of string or rope. Some people take off a ring from their hand and dowse with that; some buy the "usual" cone shaped pendulums made out of brass, while others go for even more specialized forms. Most dowsers like to show off a bit and to have nice (very, very nice) pendulums, which command the attention of all present. It is as if the more valuable the pendulum, the better the results would be!?

Crystal pendulums can be very nice, from those made out of clear quartz to amethyst, rose quartz and what have you. Crystal pendulums will usually have many facetes, while metal pendulums are usually more like cones or tear-shapes.

Some pendulums are hollow so that you may put something in it. It may be water, say with a homeopathic or flower remedy in it, or a witness that directs the energy towards its source. For instance, if you put somebody's hair into the pendulum, then such a combination should, in theory, be sensitive enough to diagnose the vibrations of that person, long distance, that is, even when the person is not physically present.

There are other shapes as well, one of which is the Eqyptian form, which is, they say, used for magical purposes... I personally prefer crystal pendulums, because they add their own frequency to the healing, but "empty" pendulums such as quartz or brass may be better for diagnosing.

Also, you may opt to have one "larger" pendulum to diagnose and clear the space in house, while using the other "smaller" pendulum to work with chakras.

Combining Dowsing with Other Techniques

You can combine pendulum work with any other energy healing technique. For instance, you first "measure" the patient's chakras one by one with the pendulum, then apply Reiki to those chakras that do not function as they should. You can also heal the chakras only with the pendulum, but then you would be using your own energy, so the patient would probably get better while you,the healer, would get worse, having soaked some of his or her negative energies to yourself.

After you measure the chakras, you can very efficiently reach them through Su Jok, just by pressing the points on the hands and feet. Or, by using crystal healing, just be creative and use whatever you have for the benefit of the patient.

The Dangers of Dowsing

Healing with the pendulum can be time-consuming, so you may want to do that only for the members of your own family, closest friends and so on. Or, you can dowse rarely, using it only as a tool of measurement to keep record of the progress in patient's health.

When swinging the pendulum, youre entire being is acting as a measuring instrument for vibrations that are too tiny to be monitored by even the most advanced medical machines. There is always the risk that you will be tired, under energy attack of some kind etc. so that the results may become unstable and unusable. If the patient has large uterine fibroids as verified by an ultrasound, you should better be able to dowse that correctly -- and if you cannot, please do not try that day anymore.

Another danger is pride. Dowsing gives you the feeling of power -- you come to know info that others, limited to their practical senses, cannot touch -- but you can always be proved wrong. So, unless you do have some supernatural powers, keep the results of dowsing in a proper perspective -- a suggestion for further treatments, not the final truth about someone's health.

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