A new blog called Samantha’s Blog is devoted towards an amazing idea — womb transplantation. The whole topic is a can of worms, best left unopened. But it is opened and this is not the only post out there about it, so here is what I have commented:


A very interesting project you have undertaken. The ultimate goal would be a successful pregnancy, but the whole idea seems risky. In order for the pregnancy to succeed, the hormones and ovaries must be both present and fully functioning at the same time, for months and months both before and after the pregnancy itself.

Also, what would sex be like with such a womb? Would the male partner like his penis to attack the womb of a dead woman? Play with it? Enjoy it? Also, what if the womb gets so “sick” that it starts bleeding because of the uterine fibroids growing in it? What if another doctor comes along and says “you must have hysterectomy” — what a sad joke!?

The questions are legion; what if the antirejection drugs produce a malformed fetus? Has anybody at all done this and brought to the world a healthy baby as the result?

The more we discuss this, the clearer the overall picture will become.