So, you were shocked to learn that you need a [tag-tec]hysterectomy[/tag-tec]. Thanks God, there’s the Internet, and there you are, the very same evening, Googling “hysterectomy” and everything else you may think of in that regards. One of the best ways to learn something valuable is to pose a question in a forum, preferably in a place in which you post regularly. Here is a link to one such discussion, in forum. Read it and see how the sides polarize, some women had “the surgery” and felt great about it, while others had quite bad experiences and still suffer the consequences.

My contribution to that thread was this:


Having a [tag-ice]hysterectomy[/tag-ice] is never a picnic. The only way of telling what will happen next is[tag-tec] medical astrology[/tag-tec], but there are very few people in the world that practice it. For every woman that had her [tag-ice]hysterectomy[/tag-ice] done well, there is a legion of women who curse themselves for being so stupid to give their consent for it, without realizing what they actually do.

[tag-tec]Uterus[/tag-tec] is a vital part of woman’s body, it stores [tag-tec]sex hormones[/tag-tec] created by the [tag-ice]ovaries[/tag-ice] during the night and releases them during the day. If there is no [tag-ice]uterus[/tag-ice], the [tag-ice]hormones[/tag-ice] get expelled with the first morning [tag-tec]urination[/tag-tec] and from there so many problems follow that it would require an entire site to explain the consequences.

[tag-tec]Fibroids[/tag-tec] are [tag-ice]tumors[/tag-ice], and tumors are large tissues — ask yourself, what in my life is food for these tumors to grow!? Uterus is an organ for emotional responses, it is your primary means of reacting to the world as a woman. In other words, it is the emotions that give food to the tumors and [tag-ice]cancers[/tag-ice], resolve emotions first, they are the origin of the illness, and simultaneously try to heal the body.

If you want to heal your [tag-ice]fibroids[/tag-ice] and uterus, you may be interested to know that there are several alternative methods of healing the uterus without surgery: [tag-tec]homeopathy[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]Su Jok[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]Reiki[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]herbal remedies[/tag-tec], seed therapy, a combination of these etc. Maybe the simplest would be to try the [tag-tec]enzymes[/tag-tec] which resolve the [tag-tec]myoma[/tag-tec], Google them and you’ll find them.

All the best, Dusko Savic