At the Imperfect Complainer blog, we find a story of Flicka, a woman who first got pregnant and then lost her baby after a few months. She now attends a doctor and was given the following advice:

— to stop doing the D&Cs, which were uncomfortable and painful,

— to go in for a chemo therapy, or

— to go all the way down and have a hysterectomy.

Here is my comment to this situation:

Doctors deal with patients, ie with people that have some discomfort, pain, illness etc. It is all too easy to screw up and make patient feel and behave much worse instead of much better. Doctors would like us to believe that they are omnipotent, as if when they wear their official white wardrobes they become powerful wizards, be all, end all, cure all. In reality, they are just humans willing to help and they might have some ready to use knowledge that patients find welcome.

So far so good, you go to a doctor, he or she tells you what to do, and that often helps. But what about those cases when doctors cannot help, or worse, when the things they suggest and do make everything worse on their own!? That is why doctors work within procedures: each problem you throw at them, they respond through a set of fairly rigids official procedures. It is this word official that is the problem here.

What is official and how do doctors learn about what is official? Official is what some body or committee of doctors says it is official. That is, they get together, two or three doctors that are at the foremost of the research tell others what should be done and how, and a new procedure is born. Each practicing doctor is then responsible not for healing a patient but for applying the right procedure in the proper way. There is a huge difference between healing or curing and applying a proper procedure and that what this comment is all about.

In the above post, the doctor suggested three separate things, none of which is aimed at curing or healing or advancing the health of the patient. He or she is bound by the available procedures for the patient’s situation, but if none of the procedures is going to work, then what — he doesn’t really care! He has done everything he could according to the trade he is in, but how will that help the patient to have a child, in this case? The doctor is legally covered and he can even be sympathetic to the patient, wishing her every good in the world, but he still is bound by his chosen profession.

The senseless D&Cs really should have been stopped, or at least a hysteroscopy should have been performed, in which the doctor can actually see something inside the uterus. There are videos on this site ( Hysteroscopy Of Intramural Fibroids Video and Operative Hysteroscopy For Intrauterine Adhesions Video) so everybody can see what it looks like.

The chemo therapy as it is called here is not a chemo therapy in the sense of someone having cancer and then applying a chemo therapy, here it is a hormonal therapy aimed at resolving the symptoms. Finally, the most horrible idea is to have a hysterectomy because there will never be babies after that. But all this is leading to a hysterectomy, the situation that this doctor is leading his patient to has even been statistically researched, and the conclusion was that hysterectomy was inevitable when “everything” was tried, including the hormonal treatment.

We are all too ready to believe everything the good doctor says, but in this case and in all cases such as this, there is a lot to try and do inbetween the symptoms and final solution, i.e. hysterectomy. There is homeopathy, there is Reiki, Su Jok, acupuncture, enzyme mixtures, herbal remedies, crystal therapy… as well as many others, none of which is in the domain of our good doctor because the official medicine didn’t approve any of them.

I wish your friend all the best, and especially not only to get well but to have that baby finally. Life with a baby of your own is what life on this planet is all about.

Sincerely, Dusko Savic
medical astrologer