Medical astrology can tell you in advance where you are in the course of your illness. It is the queen of astrology, because so much is at stake, and so, these questions are never answered lightly. In order to receive a proper answer in the forums, please follow these guidelines:

1) Supply the date of birth, as well as the hour, minute and the place of birth. If some of these data is not known for sure, please say so, so that I know what kind of help can be gained through reading the chart.

2) Supply the name of the person for which the question is asked for, and if meaningful, your relationship with that person (my mother, my son, my husband etc.) If the relationship is too remote (I wonder what is my lover’s wife doing right now?), I may not be inclined to answer.

3) Astrology is about time, so please give as exactly as possible the times, dates and places when you first started feeling and experiencing the symptoms of the disease. What happened next, whether there was some medical treatment, or some alternative treatment or both, or no treatment at all.

4) Please supply the times of new developments in the course of the illness and what happened then.

5) If there is a medical diagnosis, please supply that as well.

6) In cases of marital infertility, supply all the above data, if relevant, for both partners.

Sometimes, mainly for promotional purposes, I’ll read your horoscope for free, but that remains my right, not yours. It doesn’t do any harm to post your question and see if I’ll answer for free, does it!?