From time to time I engage in forum discussions on hysterectomy and similar matters. Here are my recommended links for endometriosis, for a woman whose doctor is leading her steadily towards the hysterectomy, taking the usual route of Lupron, than it won’t work out, and then YES, I have nothing else to offer you but I must offer you something, and that is hysterectomy!

The discussion started here and my post is:


This is my first post on this forum. First of all, let me say that I am a man so that I cannot have personal experiences with endometrisosis, but for other reasons of my own, I have a site that tries to teach women how to avoid hysterectomy.

If you do have endo, then in theory there are methods to help you deal with it without surgery, especially, without hysterectomy, which is a major surgery and additionally will cripple you hormonally to the end of your days.

Instead of talking much here, I’ll give you a few links that will yield further information on this matter:

1) Lupron and why it is dangerous

2) General info on endometriosis written by a woman who got around it without surgery!

3) Choosing the right alternative method to heal endometriosis — hopefully you might find one that is applicable to your situation.

4) Finally, a listing of endometriosis articles by a “renegade” MD, Dr Joseph Mercola.


Also, if you want to see what the endo actually looks like, here is a very interesting endometriosis video:

Autofluorescent laparoscopy diagnosis of endometriosis

Other hysterectomy videos are here.

You can also choose from the conventional endometriosis treatments and alternative endometriosis treatments. If you just need advice what is the right thing for you to do now, you can have me develop a personal plan for you to fight endometriosis, based on medical astrology and energy healing techniques. Contact me here.