Manage pain with Reiki heal yourself before opting for hysterectomy because of blood clotting, heavy menstrual bleedings, inability to move away from the house and so on. High on this list of discomforts is pain, pure and simple pain, the sign our bodies send us to alert us that something is wrong. I’ll list here several types and locations of pain related to certain (not all of them, of course) gynecological causes:

— abdominal pain,

— acute pain,

— agony,

— back pain,

— chronic pain,

— pain after surgery,

— pain and depression,

— pain during sexual intercourse,

— pain in the uterus,

— pain in the ovaries,

— pain during urination,

— pain during bowel movements

and so on.

Reiki can be applied as a universal remedy for pain. It is ideal in this regards because it is possible to apply it without knowing anything about the diagnosis, nature of the disease and so on. You can manage pain with Reiki because it is not actually you who are healing, it is Reiki itself, a loving intelligent energy of healing.

Sometimes you will be able to manage pain with Reiki and nothing else, but in many cases the process or healing or recovery will be speeded up if you apply other alternative medicine techniques, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and so on.  If you are too debilitated to contemplate all this, ask the people you live with to fetch remedies for you or learn how to apply them to you.