In astrology, the 8th house is about karma, sex and death. In real life, the end of the sexual intercourse is sometimes called “the little death”, as if something is gone, is going away from you and with it, as if you were somehow transformed. The cumulative role of reproductive organs is to inhale and exhale, to receive in and to let out, and what happens when you have hysterectomy — the surgical removal of the uterus — is that you cannot give any more, at least, not as a mother. But what if you already had your children, will it help you to bear easier the thought of forthcoming hysterectomy? Or, the thought of any other life-treathening surgery!?

Here is this beautiful post by Sabrina Prindiville. A mother of five, last winter she was diagnosed with a lump on her thyroid. For two long weeks she waited for the results, only to learn that the tumor is benign. And then, another tumor, which needed a hysterectomy. Touched by the thoughts of death, just when she found out that her 18 year old oldest son and his girlfriend were pregnant… We always know life is fragile, but do our best to conveniently keep forgetting it… until a surgery comes along, or we start thinking how our children would grow without us… or… or… or…

So her hysterectomy taught her to laugh more, whine less and hug her children a little longer. She also found the courage to compete and win a new career position, because it’s change or die, but you’re gonna die anyway one day, so why not change now and grab the life that you were born to and into?


The moment I am writing this, Pluto is on 29.45 Sagittarius, and the moment I read her post, the Moon was on 29.50 Taurus, making as precise an inconjunction with the Pluto as it can be. Inconjunction is the “tweaking” of life that Sabrina went through, because of her reproductive organs (the Moon is the uterus, Pluto is a cut-away tumor, their inconjunction is a surgery such as hysterectomy.) The Moon is exalted in Taurus, where it secures life, and on the last degree of Taurus, the Moon has stopped producing life. Finally, now it is on 0.12 Gemini, the sign of blogs and short writing, so here am I, blogging about a hysterectomy irrevocably (Pluto) changing somebody’s life.