After you’ve had your hysterectomy, sooner or later you will suffer from severe hormonal disturbances. If they took your ovaries out as well, then it will be a surgical menopause, and even if the ovaries are left in, they start degrading in function after a year or two. Progesterone has direct influence on the brain, and estrogen makes the walls of your arteries and veins more flexible. If you do not have these hormones, the brain will suffer. Many women will have certain loss of memory, or will not be able to choose the right word on the spot, after a hysterectomy.

In this blog entry, When You Just Ain’t Right, on the blog called RealMental, author Bellinda enumerates the many troubles she’s been through, and one of which was having a hysterectomy. Here is what she thinks of the hormones part:

“And then there’s the hormone angle, which I don’t even know for sure how to approach. Something has GOT to be going on there, since the weirdness has escalated by, um, a bunch, since my hysterectomy last fall. When I first came out of surgery, on estrogen deprivation, I literally felt, for the first and only time in my life, that I had lost my mind. It’s like nothing I can describe–the misery, despair, agony, anxiety–the certainty that it’s never going to be better, ever. After a couple of weeks, I was able to start estrogen replacement therapy, and it was like a miracle…at least to a point. It made the extreme crazy go away, but like I said at the beginning of this post, I still ain’t quite right. But then, I’ve never had the dosage checked or adjusted, so there’s a thought…”

This is exactly why we here, at this blog How To Avoid Hysterectomy, advise women not to have hysterectomy unless they absolutely have to. A woman’s body is a finely tuned mechanism and any prolonged emotional disturbance will reflect as a gynecological disorder. This is precisely why taking Lupron and other medications leads to hysterectomy — they just cover up the symptoms, never do they charge upon the real cause of the disorder. For emotional disturbances take remedies such Bach flower remedies, eventually clean up the mess using either the conventional or alternative medicine and you’ll start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.