To most women, [tag-tec]menstrual[/tag-tec] periods are just a fact of life. But to many women, heavy [tag-tec]menstrual bleeding[/tag-tec] ruins [tag-tec]lifestyle[/tag-tec], forces to stay at home, don’t even go to work, bring pain, gloominess and [tag-tec]depression[/tag-tec]. Traditional solution for this was [tag-tec]hysterectomy[/tag-tec], but the minimally invasive alternatives to [tag-ice]hysterectomy[/tag-ice] are becoming more popular in the last 5-7 years, due to appearance of a large number of various technological solutions. [tag-tec]Endometrial ablation[/tag-tec] is destroying the inner lining of the [tag-tec]uterus[/tag-tec], with the goal of reducing the [tag-tec]menstrual flow[/tag-tec] so that life becomes normal again.

For a comprehensive line-up of [tag-ice]endometrial ablation[/tag-ice] methods please have a look at our page called Can Endometrial Ablation Replace Hysterectomy in Cases of Heavy Menorrhagia? The video that we have present here is at

It is 46 minutes long and shows [tag-tec]hydrothermal[/tag-tec] [tag-ice]endometrial ablation[/tag-ice] performed as a live [tag-ice]webcast[/tag-ice], on September 27th 2007. Enjoy!