This Free Astrology Infertility Tumor Chart is a case of marital infertility with lots of distracting “little” problems that get in the way. In her own words:

The second surgery was in 1985 in the summer I beleave and it was to remove a bone tumor from my toe. The last surgeries were to remove a tumor from the left fallopian tube (tube was spared as the tumor was on the fascia not the tube itself) and a fibrous tumor from the left axillary region (breast tumor) all benign. Performed sept of 2003. The date is close.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I went in for a check up 5-1-06. We started trying to conceive after we got the all clear early 2004. Other than asthma (seasonal) (first symptoms when I was 6 weeks old but undiagnosed until 6 months old) and hypothyriodism (diagnonsed 2004), all else is fine.

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