At there is a very interesting article on developing new tests for ovarian cancer. It is a hot topic and there seems to be a new way of catching up with the ovarian cancer — early. Read the rest of the article to find it out, but I just want to react to a part of the article in which a doctor is quoted as to have had said the following:

find a husband, have your babies and have your organs removed.”

Here is my comment:

This is exactly how Western Medicine thinks about human body. For them, human body is a machine, a set of loosely connected organs and systems, and if you take out one part, the rest just continues to clip-clap along. The corollary is that once there is no organ, it cannot catch cancer.

Quite true, but what they do not know is that all organs are represented in our etheric body, in which they exist forever and still can become cancerous. But if there is no organ to which the disease can be attached, then the negative enerygy — the energy of the illness — progresses to another part of the body. The part of the body that will be ill can be seen from the medical astrological reading, because the natal chart is the blueprint of the energies one was born with.

You can have your organs removed one by one but it will not make you healthier. So this piece of advice “have your babies and mutilate yourself to the end of your days” is a horrible one. Doctors should solve each case separately, individually, to the best benefit of EACH particular patient.

And so on. Beware of the doctors who only want to operate on you and then let you go.

And before you do, I hasten to add that there are situations in which surgery is justified even astrologically. But the blind advice “have your babies and cut it out” is not acceptable. Would such a doctor do that to his own daughters? Not likely!