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If you want to have children but are already diagnosed with fibroids, a natural question occurs: how to eliminate uterine fibroids before the pregnancy!? Pregnancy with fibroids will in some cases end up happily, but it is risky and prone to many problems, such as bleeding or calcified fibroids. Large uterine fibroids will make it downright impossible to get pregnant because the fertilized egg will not be able to implant itself into the lining of the uterus and thus officialy start the pregnancy.

If the fibroid is not large, the egg may implant itself successfuly and then it is a matter of chance whether the pregnancy will be full term or not, depending on the interplay of the growing foetus and the fibroid, one or more of them. Apart from the “mechanical” problems the deeper problem may be the hormonal one, because there is a reason the fibroid started to grow. Most often it is too much of estrogen that is being produced together with the excessive reactivity of estrogen receptors inside the uterus. If hormones are the problem, the pregnancy will end abruptly sooner or later, because if there is more estrogen as compared to progesterone, the lining of the uterus will grow and will fall off.

It may happen anywhere and anytime, while the woman is sleeping, or is doing ordinary house chores, or when going out to do the groceries… At least 3000 people have personally consulted with me in my capacity as a professional astrologer so far, but I still vividly remember a marital couple that came to me see whether they could they have more pregnancies and, finally, children. On Monday, they went to the gynecologist (she was in the end of the third month of the pregnancy), had everything checked out and everything was OK. Two days later, she woke up in a bed full of blood — the pregnancy was no more, without any sign of warning.

Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

The purpose of this post is to show alternative medicine methods to eliminate uterine fibroids before pregnancy, but there are other kinds of treatments for uterine fibroids. One that you will encounter often in Western medicine is fibroids treatment with Lupron (“Lupron from hell” as they call it), but is just a road to hysterectomy — guaranteed.

It is possible to eliminate fibroids through myomectomy, but that will have its own set of problems:


Laparoscopic myomectomy

Abdominal myomectomy

Hysteroscopic myomectomy

Alternative Medicine Methods to Eliminate Fibroids On This Site

To dissolve fibroids using a herbal mixture

Here is how to use homeopathy to eliminate fibroids

Maybe Palladium is your ticket to better health?

Here is how to use Vitalzym to eliminate fibroids

What To Do If You Have Recently Lost Your Baby and There Were Fibroids in the Uterus

Here is what you should take now, at least four times a day in order to overcome the emotional problems left after you lost your baby


There also is a more specific combination for this case and that is:

Star of Betlehem, Gorse, Walnut, Pine, Willow, Sweet Chestnut, Cherry Plum

You should take the above combination for at least two or three months in a row, for at least four times a day.

After that, while trying to conceive again, the following combination of Bach flower remedies would come handy:

Impatiens, Star of Betlehem, Gentian, Gorse, Vervain, White Chestnut

All these methods to eliminate uterine fibroids before pregnancy could be improved in personal contact with a dedicated practitioner, be it a professional herbalist, homeopath, or a Bach flower remedy practitioner. From me, through a medical astrology reading, you can gain glimpse of how the general energy trends will apply to your particular case. For example, as a rule of thumb, flower remedies are prescribed for three months in a row and the general wisdom says to stop. But if Uranus, the planet of speed and impatiency, makes hard aspects to your Sun or Moon for the entire next year, then you should be taking Impatience for that entire year instead of only three months.

If you are interested in why medical astrology works, you can read more about spiritual dimensions of medical astrology here. On that page you will also find when the medical astrology reading is not the best or the final answer to the client’s or patient’s needs and what to do then.

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