You are 40 and pregnant and you decide to abort. It is your right, the law says so, so why not? When you go there, due to to unforeseen factors such as ruptured uterus, you lose 4 liters of blood, and the doctor performing the abortion calls upon another doctor and they perform a hysterectomy, against your will.

If this were an episode from some TV soap opera, you would just laugh and try for another channel. For this woman in Lincoln, Nebraska, the above scenario is reality. This baby will not be born and this woman will also never get pregnant again, that’s for sure! Now she sues the doctors at Planned Parenthood clinic for $38,000, to compensate for pain, fright, medical costs and so on (you can read the entire story here, at archives.)

Unforseen hysterectomy

Let have a look at the horary chart of this event, which will show what actually happened:

Uranus opp Sun — sudden decisions,

Uranus sq Mars and Sun sq Mars — totally unpredictable events,

Moon con Mars — uterus will be operated, uterus in blood,

Jupiter opp Mars — enormous blood flow, with the Moon so close — in the uterus,

Venus, Saturn, Sun, Mercury in the seventh house — she wants to sue in order to punish them (Saturn), revenge

Pluto sq Mercury which rules the fifth house of pregnancies — there will be no more pregnancies, it is final (Pluto in square).

There you have it. An unusual case, quite explained through its chart.