Can Palladium Cure Your Uterine Fibroids!?

Is it possible that a right homeopathic remedy can cure uterine fibroids? Yes and no. Yes, if you or your homeopath can choose the right remedy and no, in all other cases, no, no, and no. The essence of homeopathy is that there is one and only one remedy that fits the totality of your symptoms and that is the best remedy for your current state. All other remedies are worse and should not be applied.

Here is a case in point, from a well known homeopathic site She was a well-known actress, who was in a relationship with a much older another actor. They could not have children because of the social setting, so she had to supress that urge. She always wanted to be flattered, and somehow felt herself bigger than the rest of the people. Homeopathic remedy Palladium does very well when praised, but feels awful when scorned at. Unlike Platina, Palladium type will never fight in the open, they feel much too vulnerable for that. Thus, they project their wishes inwards.

Palladium is one of the main remedies when huge tumor develops in the sexual organs, especially in females. Is very useful for tumors of ovaries, especially of the right ovary.

Palladium patient does have sex, their sexual appetite is, in fact, quite large. They will often mix obscenities and vulgarities with sexual intercourse and even children of the Palladium type are quick to speak foul language.

Palladium is in an internal conflict, they want to be praised but their pride does not allow them to ask for signs of affection. That confused emotional state can produce convulsive movements, first of the face and then of the entire body.

Women in this state can feel as if their inside is prolapsing, and Palladium can sometimes be used to stop the prolapse of the uterus.

In the case in question, Dr. Jawahar Shah of Mumbai prescribed Palladium 200C, and it was repeated four times during the next year. After a year, ultra sonography showed no fibroids at all, the cure was complete.

The Moral of This Case?

If a doctor has told you one of these days how you must have a hysterectomy and fast, you are not a candidate for these subtle but efficient methods of healing. If a surgery is scheduled for the next month, how will you ever know was Palladium or any other homeopathic remedy the right cure for you?