People usually have no idea how and why astrologers do what they do. It is a kind of mystique and ancient lore, that only those with special talents can do. While that may actually be so, thanks to the speedier Internet, we now can show how astrology functions. On this page, you will see many different astrology video clips, such as those that I have produced while my TV show was on the air. Once you see how planets, signs, and houses interact in your natal chart, you begin to understand that we can command nature only when we first bow to her.

Here is an example, from one of my infertility sites:

Astrology video is a new way to understand astrology. For once, everybody can see the logic behind an astrology delineation, and whether the astrologer is up to the task or not. Not to mention, that such videos are a school of astrology in itself, so people who are already interested in learning astrology will just get a boost from watching these videos.

You can apply astrology to any kind of notion. Here’s how to analyse a horoscope of the site, this time it is

And here is the horoscope of analyzed: