Astrology consultations are a way of continual support. After a classical session with the astrologer, you come out dizzy with all the facts and incredible things that you’ve just heard. You may even be in a shock, however, after a day or two, you start forgetting the minor details and the life merrily goes on… almost as if you had never been to the astrologer.

That is why I offer astrology consultations, as a way of overcoming the first shock. It gives you time to think and comprehend, and can be a frame of integration for your new behaviour. You are ready to change your life and you choose astrology to giude you, but you may not always be sure as to whether the steps you are undertaking are the correct or the best ones. Within a frame of an astrology consultation, you can ask again and again and I’ll guide you to the best of my ability.

It is exactly this kind of support that people hope to find when they go to forums, but what actually happens is that you get lots of attention in the start, and then it subsides. People are willing to help, but they are not ready to follow up cases… and it is exactly this gap that my monthly astrology consultations is intented to fill.

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