Here is an excellent blog Shrinking Fibroids Naturally from a woman who is having two goals at her mid-forties:

— to get rid of several large fibroids and

— to finally conceive, since she is now happily married.

She follows a detailed plan, for almost a year and does have success. Here are the results in her own words

The two my gyn is most concerned about are the ones that are impinging into the cavity
Of those, one is the posterior which shrunk from 4.8 in May (5.0 in December) to 3.2 — so that’s 33% shrinkage since May, and 36% shrinkage since December. This is helpful since it makes more room in the cavity
The other one impinging into the cavity is the submucosal, which grew slightly from 2.5 to 2.7 (8%)

Then the other three are ones that are outside the uterus or inside the muscle:
A subserosal that was unchanged from May at 5.2 (was 5.7 in December)
A second subserosal that shrank from 3.1 in May to 2.8 (9.7% decrease)
A “mid” one that increased from 2.5 in May to 3.5 (40%)

(By the way, the reason I only have stats on two of them for December is because at that time my uterus was so distorted that my gyn didn’t bother trying to measure all of them. Only in May when things were looking better did she start to attempt to map and measure beyond the two biggest ones.)

How is it that the shrinkage/growth for each fibroid is so different? My gyn had two explanations. First, the ultrasounds are rather murky and it’s difficult to measure easily or accurately and sometimes when they are close it’s hard to distinguish them from each other to tell where one starts and one ends. Second, she said “each one can have a different DNA composition so they can respond to different things.” For example, some fibroids might be more or less hormone responsive than others, and some might respond to certain treatments while others don’t. Sounds like that’s what is going on here….

The results are very good, so good in fact that as of lately, she was okayed to TTC, which means the state of the uterus is now almost normal, and that a pregnancy is finally achievable (in theory, of course). To really get pregnant, of course, many other things need be syncronized, and she is trying hard, eating the right foods, reading about enzymes and so on, so let us all wish her luck in TTC!