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Question: I have had problems with an irregular cycle. I also have fibroids. My doctor has recommended a hysterectomy, but I am uncomfortable with such radical surgery. Do I have other options? I am 45 and otherwise in good health.

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Weigh your options before you undergo hysterectomy. Here is my comment to the article:



A nice article written from the doctor’s point of view. I’d also like to remind that there are other methods from alternative medicine that can help with fibroids and irregular bleeding.

With the advent of the Internet, women to which hysterectomy was suggested can ask other women through specialized forums and groups, and there are dozens of sites devoted to hysterectomy and its consequences. Here are suggestions for some of these:, search for hysterectomy, laparoscopy, myoma, myomectomy etc. — minimally invasive procedures such as endometrial ablation instead of hysterectomy, then homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, herbal remedies, Su Jok, Reiki, enzymes… are the methods of energy healing that can all help with the fibroids. The site also contains a collection of annotated videos from youTybe and Google Video. — a site for hysterectomy recovery, very large, contains a ton of info, but geared to those that have already had their hysterectomy, preferably a “happy” one.

There are other links of course, but these can be a useful start. You have the right to know what will happen to your body after such a major surgery so do your homework well.

All the best, Dusko