Adopting a Chinese Child After Hysterectomy

Is hysterectomy the end of the world? No, life goes on. Life with a husband you luv with certainly with no kids of your own? Then you decide to adopt… a 10-month old Chinese girl. Read the rest of this beautiful story, how it all happened to BETTY J. MEYER from Chipsake.

Can Palladium Cure Your Uterine Fibroids!?

Is it possible that a right homeopathic remedy can cure uterine fibroids? Yes and no. Yes, if you or your homeopath can choose the right remedy and no, in all other cases, no, no, and no. The essence of homeopathy is that there is one and only one remedy that fits the totality of your… Continue reading Can Palladium Cure Your Uterine Fibroids!?