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Avoid Hysterectomy If You Can!

Every day in the USA and all around the world surgeons perform hysterectomy, taking wombs and ovaries out of more than 2,500 women! However, there are so many ways to replace that major surgery and this site will show you how!

How To Decide?

Well, that is the question, is it not!? There are four possibilites:

1) You should undergo hysterectomy, but you don't. This is the worst case, since you may suffer enormously and even die. Two most typical cases would be the presence of cancer and a uterus bleeding so much after giving birth that it threatens the life of the mother.

In about 20% of all cases, hysterectomy will be the only solution, especially in cases of uterine prolapse.

This site wants to tell the other 80% women that they could actually avoid hysterectomy either by opting for a lesser surgery or by eventually healing themselves and thus making the surgery totally unnecessary.

2) You should undergo hysterectomy and that is exactly what you do. From the surgical point of view, all good and well, but they can't tell you in advance whether your problems will be greater or not after all is said and done. If it was cancer, the doctors will empty your lower stomach hoping that if there were no physical place for cancer to grow, than it will stop. If it only were so! Medical astrology is the only way of telling in advance whether the surgery would be sufficient or not.

NOTA BENE: Although this site is not really interested in what happens after the hysterectomy, practically all of the techniques mentioned here can be useful. If this is your first encounter with energy healing, you are in for a treat -- you will learn much, and take a part of your life into your hands again. (The following may look like science fiction to you, but if you go to the Energy Packs page, you can start healing yourself right where you are, in front of of your computer!)

3) You shouldn't undergo hysterectomy, but you still do. Sometimes the pain and sufferring are so great that you would anything to get rid of them... even if that means cutting off certain (vital) parts of your body. Or, you just don't know any better and succumb to the salesy talk of your doctor. (Even if they are doctors, the final decision should be yours, don't trust them too much!) Once they cut you off from your womanhood, there is no way to becoming a woman anymore.

The main mission of this site is to save you from this case. 15% of all hysterectomies are totally unnecessary. Doctors like to perform hysterectomy because it is easy for them to do, while all other forms of surgery require additional time to learn and practice... Why choose a more complicated and less paid surgery to do when you can finish a hysterectomy within half an hour and be paid $4000 in the process!?

If you ever wondered why the number of hysterectomies is highest in the world in the USA, re-read the previous paragraph.

About one third of all hysterectomies is for uterine fibroids, but there are so many other ways to get rid of them that it really pays to pay attention to this site and what it has to offer. See pages for homeopathic treatment for uterine fibroids and herbal remedies for uterine fibroids, as well as an astrohomeopathy case of uterine fibroids.

4) You shouldn't undergo hysterectomy, and so you don't. You choose one of the surgical procedures -- myomectomy, endometrial ablation, uterine artery embolization etc. -- to save the uterus and/or ovaries, or -- better -- you find something in the alternative medicine to save you. Mission No. 2 of this site is to tell you which alternative disciplines can be useful for your diagnosis.

Consequences of Hysterectomy

After hysterectomy, you enter surgical menopause, and you live with it till the end of your life. The consequences of hysterectomy can be rather severe:

. you will not be able to have anymore children,

. sex life will be changed (usually to the worse),

. hot flashes,

. sweating,

. insomnia,

. emotional disturbances,

. hysteria,

. bad temper,

. sharp hormonal disbalances, etc.

You can read more about it on the page called hysterectomy side effects.

Avoid hysterectomy if you want to have more children. Even many women with children have been crying nights in and nights out because of the finality of it all. Womb out, and you are not a woman any more! No wonder depression sets in once the surgery is done and so many women only later found out that there were many alternatives to hysterectomy... If somebody told you to have a hyst, I urge you to read this site in its entirety, since there are so many ways of not doing it that it would be a pity to succumb just like that!

Avoid Hysterectomy Because It Introduces Surgical Menopause

Any kind of removing the womb will produce menopause, even if the ovaries are left in, because during the night the womb stores hormones produced by the ovaries. If there is no womb, the hormones will be expelled with the first morning urine, so the woman will be left without daily intake of hormones. Surgical menopause is difficult to cope with, since it is violently changing the woman's body.

In the past, hysterectomy was done all too often and for moot reasons such as

"you are 45 and you've had your children, so let's take it out". Or,

"we should take it since you might develop cancer one day"...

If a doctor insists on "taking it out" and it is not really clear why, do search for a second opinion. Above all, search for other ways of resolving your problems, either within minimally invasive types of surgeries, or from the fields of alternative medicine.

Do not avoid hysterectomy, by all means, if your life depends on it -- usually, if cancer is detected. (And even then, do not ever think that you are free from cancer just because the organ on which it grew is taken out of the body!)

15% of all hysterectomies are unjustified, while more than 25% of all hysterectomies brings so much trouble to the patient that it just doesn't make any sense. You have the right to learn as much as you can about your health and health-care options and this site is dedicated to making you aware of what else can you do besides blindly following what the official medical doctrine says. And indeed, you can choose from so many alternative options that it would be a pity to get operated upon while there was a chance to improve your health in a non-invasive way.

Click here to read about various types of hysterectomy. Please bear in mind that choosing a type of hysterectomy will not allow you to avoid it, you would be just choosing the best surgical way of taking everything out.

Reasons For Hysterectomy

The main reasons for hysterectomy are the presence of

uterine fibroids,

heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding,

uterine prolapse,


chronic pelvic pain,

cancer of uterus, cervix or ovaries,

inflammation of ovaries etc.

Surgical Ways To Avoid Hysterectomy

If you want to preserve fertility and you have a case of uterine fibroids (myoma), go for myomectomy.

If childbearing is not important any more, you can opt for endometrial ablation, which destroys endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, but preserves the rest of the uterus intact. Endometrial ablation has grown in popularity and now leads in new ways to avoid hysterectomy.

A relatively new method of avoiding hysterectomy is uterine artery embolization, often shorthened as UAE. Tiny particles are injected into the uterine arteries and fibroids connected to that artery lose food. The result is that the fibroids shrink and the symptoms disappear.

One way to avoid hysterectomy is to use uterine balloon therapy, in which a balloon is inserted into the uterus and the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus is destroyed. The entire method is called endometrial ablation and balloons are just one of many ways to do it.

Adhesiolysis is cutting adhesions, tissue that binds otherwise separated pelvic organs. About 20% of women have problems because of such adhesions, which arise from an injury such as previous pelvic or abdominal surgery, infections, endometriosis, cancer or radiation therapy, intra-abdominal trauma, from ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis etc.

Avoid Hysterectomy Through Alternative Medicine

There are several energy healing methods that can help you avoid hysterectomy simply by addressing the true underlying problems for your symptoms.

Reiki can be an excellent low-cost method if you have enough time, or someone near you to give you Reiki treatments. You can also draw help through distant healing from various Reiki groups and sites.

Homeopathy will do wanders to avoid hysterectomy if you know your constitutional remedy, or if you are not afraid to experiment with a few remedies on your own. It is a very low cost method of healing, only you have to know what you are doing. If you want to investigate alternative methods to avoid hysterectomy, homeopathy should be the first discipline to learn about.

Flower remedies, and especially Bach flower remedies, will cleanse your bad emotions and turn them into proper and positive attitudes. This therapy is a must if you want to avoid hysterectomy by aligning to your own roots.

Radionics could help you avoid hysterectomy on its own, but is not widespread and is not readily commercially available. I mention it here only because I like it and as a signal to you Inner Self that world still holds many wonders in spite of you being very ill these days.

Distant healing also can help you avoid hysterectomy. It is painless, free, constant, does not depend on you remembering to take anything or go anywhere for the treatment, and your spouse, relatives, friends and many others can send you healing if you request it. Distant healing is one of the joys of Internet, it is yours for the taking, just use it!

There is a special section on this site for free distance Reiki healing and Energy Packs. Be sure to pay a visit to Energy Packs pages of this site and get a flavour of what distance Reiki healing may be all about. And if you do like long distance Reiki, you may try visiting the Post Op Attunement page for a more specialized healing that anybody visiting this site ought to have.

Crystal healing can range from holding your pet crystal near you to serious and powerful crystal grids for distant healing. You can make crystal elixirs and drink the frequences of the crystal immediately. However, there is a great number of useful crystals that are not generally available and you may want to concentrate only on quartz crystals ("mountain rock"), which is not a bad choice at all. Healing with crystals is a mental activity, in which crystals concentrate your will and intent. If you can, use the crystals, they are active and multidimensional spirits willing to help and heal!

Su Jok can also help you avoid hysterectomy. It looks like acupuncture on fists and feet only, but in truth, it is a large and independent theory on its own. Of all the methods mentioned here, it can be the quickest and easiest to perform on your own, and if you know what you are doing, you can heal literally anything and thus avoid hysterectomy, which on this site will always be the final goal. Contact me for more information on Su Jok, you will have to pay a small fee, but other than that, the results can be outright splendid.

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