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Attunements for Flower Remedies


Attunements for flower remedies enable you to make these remedies on your own. You do not have to buy bottles, or re-stock, just think of the remedy and it will in the bottle. The basic process is to connect to the Deva of the flower and ask him/her to "put" the frequences into the bottle. It is unlikely that you will be able to contact any Deva just like that. Here are the possible fixes:

Using Reiki to Connect to the Deva

At the very least you should be initiated into Reiki II level, and from there use the distant healing symbol to contact the Deva. This works.

Making Attunements for Flower Remedies with Devic Templates

For best effects, you should have to be attuned to Devic Templates, within which you can contact Devas, Solar Angels and many other beings from six higher planes of existence. This could help you produce any vibrational remedy, not just flower essences.

Devic Templates work much better if you are already attuned to Reiki.

Ethereal Flowers

Two special attunements for flower remedies, and are called Ethereal Flowers I and Ethereal Flowers II and with them you get all the 38 remedies. With these two attunements, you can just look at the bottle, think of a remedy and have its vibration in the bottle within two seconds. You can do so with as many remedies in a row as you'd like. If you want to produce remedies on the spot for the client, this would be your best option.


Where to Get the Attunements For Flower Remedies?

You can hang on various "free attunements" Reiki groups, or you can pay, going to several of the esteemed attunement professionals. The former are free, while the latter guarantees good attunements, in the range of 45-67 bucks per attunement. Now, some math: let's say a bottle of the remedy costs 5 bucks, times 38 = 190 bucks. The attunements path is cheaper.

How To Atest That the Remedies Work?

Well, you see them working either by using them on yourself or on your clients. It is also possible to use the pendulum to get the answer, or a radionics machine, which is pendulum + the frequency of the remedy. (By the way, you can also use radionics machines to produce the flower remedies, and that works just as well.) In any case, make notes of what went into the treatment bottle, since it is too easy to make remedies just by thinking about them, and have the exact combination forgotten.

Explaining The Remedies to the Client

Regardless of the method of producing the remedy, it is best to explain to the client what each remedy will do and why you as the practitioner chose this exact combination. I always give my clients (I am an astrologer using BFR as a supplement for my astrological clients -- I am not a dedicated BFR therapist) a sheet of paper with short descriptions of all the BF remedies, so that they can see what else is there. If their horoscopes are right, I try to induce the spark in them to learn more about Bach flower remedies through various web sites etc.

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