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Astrology Reading, What It Is, What to Expect, How To Order It

Astrology reading is a meeting in which two persons are involved, the astrologer and the client. The astrologer can be a friend, a beginner in astrology, an old hand, a professional astrologer -- it all depends on the circumstances. The client is curious about the future, has his or her own wishes and projections about it, and would very much like to see how it all will unfold.

It is essential that you seek the astrologer out of his or her own will. The astrologer has to be active in marketing (if he wants to do it professionally), but passive when it comes to the first contact. It is a grave mistake both for the astrologer and the client if the astrologer forces the astrology reading upon the client. It never works out because the client must be open to the astrologer, must first decide to believe him or her. When they believe, they are on the same frequences as the astrolger, who then gains access to the inner workings of the clients psyche. It is a great privilege and great responsibility when one is chosen to delineate the client's chart!

What the Client Lives Through Before Calling Upon an Astrologer

In the Western world at least, astrology is still frowned upon and too many people don't take it for serious. So the potential client has his problems, lives with them, is being bugged by them, until he finally realises that he cannot solve them on his own. Then he starts searching for the answer first in the nearest circles of family, then friends, then coleagues, then mass media stars, then politicians, then the Internet... Only in the end of that process does he calls up to schedule an astrology reading, conscious that he is desperate and that any help is good, even if coming from an astrologer. (Many clients come with a certain amount of guilt, furious at the world in which no one wants to help them or even care.)

In the East, especially in India, China, and Japan, astrologers are and have always been held in high regard, and people call upon them freely and routinely.

How the Client Uses the Information Gained From the Astrology Reading

In any case, the client is ready for a change of his or her life, and the astrologer is there to make the path wider and more secure. The client is on a crossroad and the astrologer helps him to choose the right direction. In the end, it is the client who decides what will he do with his life and not the astrologer. The astrologer materialises an otherwise invisible grid of energies which will become accessible only in the future. After the astrology reading session, the client will be able to recognize the signs of change in advance, and has his own free will to accept the change, or deny it. In some cases, he will say to himself:

Ah, this what the astrologer mentioned two years ago, and I choose to wait this out.

Or, he could decide

I shall act now in order to avoid...

Whatever the client decides, it will be his or her own co-created destiny, and the role of the astrologer is to make a short report of things to come in the client's life, no more and no less. Actually, all the astrologer produces is information, but because of the special circumstances that precede an astrological reading, that information has the power to change the life of the client. All the circumstances must be exactly right if the reading is to have that life changing effect that everybody is intimately longing for when calling up for an astrologer's help.

Some Usual and Some Very Unusual Questions During an Astrology Reading

During an astrology reading session, all kinds of questions are possible. For five minutes, it is about moving to another town, for the next twenty minutes, it is about health, and so on. If the client is very ill, say, ill enough to be threatened by histerectomy or some other kind of surgery, then most of the session will be spent on matters of health, and on deciding which methods of curing and healing would work best in the immediate future. In such cases, the astrologer should reach out for the methods of medical astrology.

Here is a small sample of questions that clients asked me in provate astrology readings or in my live TV show "The Night with the Astrologer", which went on from June 2002 to April 2004 and was viewed by the houndreds of thousands of spectators. Read it, it's a long and yet very incomplete list and I am sure you will find yourself in one or more of the questions posed:
.  I would like to take a loan for a new house. Should I do that and if yes, when?
.  My own sister is suing me over the apartment that we inherited from our father. I am broken, physically and mentally, should I try to make an agreement with her or not?
.  I've noticed this small lump on my breast and went straight to the doctor. She gave me something, told me to come back within ten days, I did, and now it really seems OK. Is it really so?
.  My doctor told me I need hysterectomy for my fibroids. What else can I do?
.  Should I go for another radiology session or not?
.  I have just lost my job. When can I expect to get another job again?
.  I am a pharmacist and my doughter would like to study it too. Should I let her?
.  When shall I get married? And to whom?
.  When shall I get divorced? Will I get his money after divorce?
.  Where should my son go to study piano playing ?
.  I am 33 and I have never had sex in my life. Why is that so? (This question was posed during my "Night with the Astrologer" live TV show. Imagine this question in front of several hundred thousand live spectators!)
.  My only daughter went away with a men much older then herself to India. I have received one letter in 1991 from her, saying how everything was good for her, then nothing up to now. What happened to her? (This was a question also in the TV show, live, in 2003. The answer was: she died while passing a high mountain passage, from snow and cold.)
.  I'm a nurse, retired, and I see that in Italy they are now searching for help in senior citizens homes. Should I apply and if I do, how will it turn out?
.  You've told us to make love only when we feel like it, and really, I got pregnant in the first month of our marriage. Now my husband has started a new business, but nothing has happened as yet. Can we see you as soon as possible?
.  We are married for eight years by now and no children. We tried everything, but nothing worked for us. What can astrology say for our case?
.  My first husband was 24 years older than me, we lived fine but he died. Now I am interested in this single man who is only 18 years older than me. Shall I succeed in marrying him?
.  We have no children and we would like to try IVF. When would be the earliest convenient date?
.  The doctor insists that I have a total hysterectomy. Should I do it?

Astrology Readings Change in Time


A person and its chart change in time and often require totally different approaches from session to session. For instance, this young man first required a reading in June 2004. We talked about his choices for marriage and how his present partners were really not good for him, then there were the usual questions about the job etc.

After 15 months he came again, and the reading was totally different. A new woman appeared at his job, and they became so close that they are going to be married some time in the future. His mother became ill and was getting worse from many fears and living alone in another town (Saturn moved over his Moon in the meanwhile), so now we talked how he should use crystals, Bach flower remedies, and distance healing to help his mother. He liked the reading very much and went on to actually buy the flower remedies as a kind of first help to his mother. (She would, in turn, go and see the doctors, and only then could any other alternative measure be deduced from her own natal chart.)

Not Every Astrologer is For Every Client

It is also possible that the astrologer who did a brilliant astrolgy readgin a year ago is no longer the best choice for the current situation. It is quite legitimate to change the astrologer if one is lead by an innate impulse!

Not every astrologer can do an astrology reading for every client. Aproximatelly in four or five cases a year, I refund the client if he or she is not satisfied either with me or with the delineation. In one case, I had to refund a young girl who did not like that her boyfriend would not be marrying her, according to his natal chart. In another case, the client had five of her own planets in opposition to my Uranus, which signifies my ability to do astrology. In the first five minutes she interrupted me three times. I just excused myself and left, with no delineation done and no money exchanging hands. It is a hallmark of a professional astrologer that he be able to overcome and neutralize such patterns in the client's chart!

What Challenges Does the Astrology Reading Pose for the Astrologer

The astrologer sees the interplay of planetary energies in the chart and has to translate them into the ordinary language. The biggest chalenge in an astrology reading for the astrologer is to translate these symbols to the language that the client can understand. That is what separates boys from men in the field of professional astrology. Just telling them something like

See, Saturn is on your Sun for two more years!

means exactly nothing to them. Many clients do not come because of astrology (actually, many clients come to the astrologer in spite of astrology), but because of his ability to solve their problems. Many clients are so desperate that they just leave it to the astrologer to tell them what to do, and that's the trap the astrologer should better not fall into. The astrology reading is not the ego trip in which the astrologer plays the Allmighy God for the poor client, but a guidance through the life so that the client can understand it in his own terms. The astrologer should do his best to translate the symbolism of the planets into the everyday life movements and actions of the client.

The Need for Ruthlessness in the Astrology Reading

Sometimes, the astrologer must be ruthless during the astrology reading. For many clients, their delusions are their worst enemies, and yet they feed them emotionally as if they were pets. Many clients would like to first put the astrologer on the pedestal of godlike authority and them use him as a cover for their own unsound decisions. The astrologer must immediately put an end to such endeavours and read the chart strictly according to the stars and transits.

If in doubt, the astrologer should trust his intuition based on the events in the natal chart, in connection with the client's reality. If that means talking severely to the client during the astrology reading, than so be it. If that means battling and arguing with the client, then so be it. If the client doesn't like what he hears, then all the worse for him. If that means mentioning something that seems totally improbable now, then let it be so and let the astrologer be brave enough to say it aloud.

Sometimes the astrologer plays out the client's darker side, and making it real at least during the session, the client is relieved of his own fears and bad emotions. For this to work, the astrologer still must be inside the client's view of the world; merely telling the client something is not good enough; telling him in terms of his own natal chart is everything.

Using the Chart to Turn the Client Back to Himself or Herself

The natal chart is the original energy blueprint for the client and nothing can happen outside of it. Now, if there were no astrology reading, the life for the client should go exactly as the chart suggested. During the reading the client gains his own free will in the material world and turns to his inwards self for help.

To some, it might come as shock. I remember one astrology reading in which I talked for almost two hours, and she said nothing. Five days after, she calls again, saying that it took her three days to come to her senses, since in the delineating I used exactly the same phrases that she used for years; she always talked that way as if mocking the whole world, and it never struck her that it was her true nature...

Energy Healing Getting Hand in Hand With the Astrology Reading

Since Uranus is in Pisces, that is, since the start of 2003 (up to 2011), I leaned towards the energy healing mixed with a classical astrology reading. Of all the energy healing methods out there, I am fluent in 7-8 of them, and together they form a mighty battery of alternative healing methods. (You can see what I like and know from the main menu of this site!) In practical use, when I see someone on the verge of illness, with deep worries and sorrows, I recommend Bach flower remedies. The success has been 100% as far as I know.

If you have a cantaloupe like sized fibroid in the uterus, no flower remedy will be able to heal it. These remedies simply are not palliative, but work on a fundamental level, clearing harmful emotions, preventing them to become energy food for tumors and cancer.

Flower remedies can turn you to your own inner self faster than any other method; since that exactly coincides with the basic goal of coming to the astrologer, I just find them a welcome shortcut. Instead of talking a client to death, suggesting this or that change in life, I just tell them to take Walnut, Sweet Chestnut, Mimulus... and the result is there, the life of the client changed just as it should have been.

This approach, mixing an astrology reading with elegant energy healing (that is, with the client using the flower remedies) is gaining momentum worldwide, and there is an increasing number of astrologers doing exactly that. Some even go so far as to make their own mixtures of remedies and brand them, but the point is to help the client in the best possible way. Energy healing and astrology reading already go hand in hand, and this combination will only enjoy an increased popularity while Uranus (astrology) and Neptun (energy) are in Pisces (immaterial worlds).

Timing -- the Final and Indisputable Value of an Astrology Reading

Timing is the unique advantage that astrology has over all other human disciplines and sciences. Planets move along the well defined paths, that are easily predictable from an astronomical point of view. In astrology, we project the movements of the planets into the ecliptic plane, which is the plane through which we perceive daily motions of the Sun. So we know where will the planets be and can compare them to the static picture of the natal chart. During the astrology reading, we can tell the client when did something start, when will be at its height, and when will that finish.

In most cases, the client will be able to temporarily change his or her behaviour in order to comply with the strong and yet only transitory energies. Some of the unwanted energy can be escivated through the usage of energy healing methods. If for nothing else, that is a compelling enough reason to do an astrology reading from time to time, and especially during the transits of Uranus over the client's Sun.

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