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Astrology of Hysterectomy -- The Natal Chart of How To Avoid

This site is about applying medical astrology and energy healing to the patients wanting to avoid hysterectomy and solve their medical problems. But isn't the moment of registration of a site domain the "birth of the site"? Why couldn't we apply "regular" astrology to the moment of registration and learn in advance what can we expect from such a site. Of course we can, and I feel I always should, being an astrologer and all that. So, here it goes.

Once upon a time, there was a site registered as:

It could not be written in email messages, as the software would break it into two rows. It wouldn't be possible to click on such a long name and reach the destination site. That is why I wanted to change it. Since I registered it through, I even had to pay $35 to get it changed. It is my own stupidity (or so it seemed at the time) that led me to this state of affairs. When I was registering the above name I've already had had the title

but I wanted it to be "as nichier as possible", as Ken Evoy, the President of SiteSell, wrote in the manual. Well, you can't get nichier than with the first title, but it was long and I wasn't happy with the chart of that site. Somehow I expected the chart of the site to reflect its essence and purpose. Here is the chart of the new site:

astrology, hysterectomy, void of course

Before I go on with the analysis of this site's chart, let us see the meaning of the Moon without aspects, the so-called void of course Moon.

The Void of Course Moon

I am a professional astrologer but I do not burden myself too much with electional horoscopes. If something needs to be done, I do it, mainly not looking towards the computer or ephemerides. The only exception is when the Moon is void of course, which means it is leaving the sign it is in, without making Ptolomeic aspects with any other planets. (Ptolomeic aspects are conjunction -- 0 degrees, sextile -- 60 degrees, square -- 90 degrees, trine -- 120 degrees, and opposition -- 180 degrees.) There are two main delineations when the Moon is void of course.

Play it Again, Sam!

If you do something when the Moon is void of course, in all probability you will have to do it twice. This happened so many times that I stopped checking this rule, I just immediately plan to do it the second time. For instance, when someone orders a horoscope from me, if she called when the Moon was void of course, I am sure that she will call again and postpone the time of the meeting. If not, I usually make a mistake when printing the charts, so now I sift through all the papers and look upon everything, expecting an error. Almost always, there will be an error in input data, somebody's name and the like. So, whatever you do, do not start it when the Moon is void of course.

Nothing Will Come Out Of It!

The other important case is when someone asks a horary question. A horary horoscope is the chart of the moment when the astrologer casts the horoscope for the question asked. Examples of such questions could be:
  • Will I have to undergo surgery soon?
  • Do I have cancer?
  • Is she pregnant?

If the question was asked while the Moon was void of course, the answer is always one and the same:

Nothing will come out of it!

So, if you ask whether you have to face a surgery, nothing will come out of it, i.e. do not be afraid, there will be no surgery.

Mainly, if the question is about fear, nothing will come out of it, i.e. your fear will not materialize.

General Astrological Conditions for Hysterectomy

How do we see hysterectomy in a chart? It is done with scalpel, so Mars must be involved. Once cut out, you cannot put the organs back into the body, so there must be a Plutonian (non-reversible transformation) influence built-in. Everything must point to the Moon, which rules the organs that are to be operated upon (or not). So, Mars and Pluto should be in hard aspects to the Moon.

The VI house is about illnesses that can be treated with remedies and medicines. The VIII house is about terminal states, death, sex, reproductive organs, surgery, karma. The XII house is the hospital or an institution in which you must spend some time in order to get better. Hysterectomy is usually a product of the VIII and XII houses -- you go to the hospital and get your surgery there.

(Please note that these are not the only preconditions for hysterectomy. See other examples on this site.)

The Chart of How-To-Avoid-Hysterectomy

This chart is very much about hysterectomy. Pluto is on 23 Sagittarius and Mars is on 27:01 Pisces, a fairly precise square. It is an aspect of cutting it out. And what should be cut out -- the organs whose ruling planets have a hard aspect with Pluto and Mars. Here that is the Moon, on 27:38 degrees of Gemini. The Moon and Mars are on the same degree, but the Moon separates from Mars, and -- actually, the Moon is void of course. It is as if the uterus and ovaries are escaping from the surgeon: a narrow escape for sure, but an escape nevertheless!

What will that escape look like? Let us have a look at the rulers of the VIII house, they will tell us the fate of the proposed surgery. The rulers are:

  • the Sun on 17 Gemini and in the V house,
  • Mercury, on 22 Gemini, in the VI house and is ruling it,
  • Venus, on 5 Cancer and in the VI house.

Add here that the Moon is on 27 Gemini in the VI house, and is also a co-ruler of the VI house. Both rulers of the VI house are in it, which makes it a real fortress in the chart. Also, two out of three rulers of the VIII house, Mercury and Venus, are in the VI house. The verdict is: the methods offered on this site can replace hysterectomy with less invasive methods, i.e. classical surgery may not be needed to defeat the disease.

Jupiter is on 8 Libra in the VIII house, square to its natal ruler, Venus, on 5 Cancer. Because of the VIII house, if you have anything large in the stomach, you will still have to undergo the surgery, probably a hysterectomy (Jupiter in VIII would be satisfied only with the largest surgery possible). The VIII house is also for hormones, so this would be a case of progresivelly weakened hormonal function (Jupiter square its ruler, Venus).

On its own, Jupiter in Libra on 8 degree, would either give too much estrogen (which can lead to fibroids) or would lead to diminished quantities of hormones (Jupiter square Venus).

Pluto is in the XII house, opposite to Mercury and the Moon, the rulers of the VI house. This is the power (Pluton) of psychosomatics (XII house) encapsulated into an organ -- the lungs (Mercur in Gemini) or the uterus and ovaries (the Moon in Gemini). In case of cancer, this will define the spread from uterus and ovaries towards the lungs.

Avoid a Void

When I paid to SiteSell for the domain to be changed, they said the site would be active within 24 hours. That is exactly how it was, except that I finally looked at the chart for a possible time within those 24 hours and was becoming mad. I wanted the Moon not to be void of course, but the hours were passing by. In the evening, a mail finally arrived and that is the time I took to make the chart. The Moon remained void of course and only after a day or two did I really understand the complete symbolics of this. It is quite literal, you know:

there is A VOID course Moon in the chart of the site whose name is


As I've just said, it is as literal as it can get.

How to Monetize It!?

Now that we have a verified chart of the site, we can use the chart to see how to monetize it best. One possibility is to play the affiliate game. Here it will not work in the usual manner, since the affiliate's income is represented with the VIII house. It contains Jupiter, but it is weak, being in square with its ruler Venus. This is a typical configuration of "easy come, easy go". The main ruler of the VIII house is Sun, in the V house and in exact trine to Neptune. Neptune can be either a remedy in alcohol or computer software. It also is energy healing. Maybe affiliate links which show the reader of the site how to make her own remedies would be the way to go. And, of course, selling some kind of related software, say, an astrological program to send you alerts when the adverse aspects are coming your way.

The other two rulers of the VIII house are in the VI house, which is a house of service. It is an unlikely case of selling an affiliate service, not much perspective in it, anyhow.

Let us see about the II house, the money. There will be money from this site, sometimes fantastic, sometimes just about nothing -- the ruler Uranus is in this house, and he is always a bumpy ride when it comes to money. Uranus is on 10 Pisces, meaning the site will be able to make some kind of "career".


How about ebooks? The ruler of the III house is Mars and in the II house of money, so it may be a good idea. Neptune, the largest ruler of the second house is in the I house, which pulls the conception towards the DIY types. In other words, the site can make money if publishing a DIY guide on avoiding hysterectomy, or, it can make money through some kind of service (rulers of the VI in the VI).

There are other monetizing possibilites in this chart, but it's no good to talk in advance about unreleased products.

Email Advertising

Will email advertising work in this case? A letter is the III house, its ruler is Mars on 27 Pisces, which is also a degree of Gemini, i.e. the letter again. Since Mars is in the II house, this should bring money. Ditto for the Moon on 27 Gemini, meaning that the emails should be sent almost every day.

Awakening Mars

This Mars is on the degree of exaltation of Venus. Only the greatest musicians have planets here, so the newsletter should write about such people as well. Or, playing on a different scale alltogether, a conjunction of Mars and Venus should be a call to sexual action. To put it simpler, promise them better sex if they avoid hysterectomy and that should do the trick!

Bringing sex directly as kind of marketing may be frowned upon by some, but in this chart there is no substitute for it. Mars is the physical action of keying on the keyboard, taking out that credit card, a principle of unsatisfied desire... If a site is to sell anything, the visitor's Mars has to be awakened and here it would be either through a fear from hysterectomy, or through reproductive arts or through a direct sex appeal.


I was right when I was feeling that the name of the site should be changed. However, if I hadn't changed the name of site, I would have a look at the chart of the first registration time and switch the contents of the site to fit the chart. Otherwise, I would be better off doing something else.

The same is valid for you:

If you want to succeed with your site, play along with its natal chart, otherwise, you would be better off doing something else!

Once you have a valid chart, a chart that suits your purposes as well, you can analyse it to see what will happen. You can use transits to see when a major action should be taken, and of what kind. You can also draw a conclusion about the kind of marketing your site would be best promoted with. You should also compare the chart of the site with your own chart, to see how it fits into your life in general. From the chart you can also see all the monetizing options, and even gain a new idea for the product or service from the chart alone.

This kind of analysis is not confined only to "astrology of hysterectomy" site such as main, actually, this astrological analysis is possible for whatever kind of site that you might already have or would be planning in the future.

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