Astrology Consultations with Dusko Savic

This is a professional service, costs $147 and is not for everyone. The cost is high because I record the videos through which you get answers to all your questions, including those questions that you did not even ask!

This is for you if you have lots of questions about your life and do not know how to proceed. Also if you are despondent, angry with life and plain confused. This is also for you if you want to invest a large chunk of money, time and resources to a project and do not know if that will be sufficient for success.

This is not for you if are penniless and want free advice. If you want a free professional advice, that just says that you are not serious about your own life; you get the money by respecting your own work and it begins by respecting other people's time and work.

The price might seem high because you don't know me as yet. Please enter your name and valid email address and I'll send you several messages across the range of the next several days so that you know me better and see whether my very direct style of interpreting horoscopes is good for you:



Dusko Savic

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