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Astrological Signatures -- How To Recognize Events In The Charts

Signatures in Astrology

Astrological signatures are patterns that repeat themselves from chart to chart and enable us to identify the same idea in them. This is best seen while comparing the charts from parents and their offsprings. If a father has Jupiter in the XII house and his son has the same, then that is what the son inherited from the father and Jupiter there becomes a signature of the entire family. At the same time, he may have inherited something else from his mother. For instance, both he and his mother and his mother's mother have the Moon in Capricorn. Using astrology, it is easy to see which parts of personality were inherited from whom.

The doctrine of signatures is the building stone of astrology and gives it a bit of a scientific flair. As above, so bellow: a signature is the least common denominator of an energy pattern, existing in various shapes. For instance, Mars is red and so rules over many red things, such human blood, heat, fever, fire etc. Mars is also a knife or a surgeon's scalpel. If squaring the Moon, it will denote a surgery over uterus, amongst other things. If squaring Pluto, something will be cut off during the surgery and so on.

From every chart we can induce the principles of behaviour. Here are two charts that do not belong to concrete persons but are interesting as starting points for determining the signatures for hysterectomy, avoiding hysterectomy, an endometrial ablation dicussion group etc:

The chart of this site, clearly shows that it can help in avoiding hysterectomy.

Chart of starting an endometrial ablation discussion group.

Please read the astrological signatures in these files and compare them with your own natal and other astrological charts.

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