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About Dusko Savic -- Technical Writer and Publisher

"About Dusko Savic" page is kind of my business resume. I am ruled by Uranus and for the whole of my life, I have been involved in something new, experimental, innovative, electronic and the like. I also write a lot. You can go to and type in "dusko savic" and you will see at least two of my paper books still in there. Interestingly enough, my first three books were published in English by UK publishers, although English is not my mother's tongue.

All in all I have written, published, marketed, and sold some 25 books of my own. For many years I also worked as a computing journalist and editor (I published more than 300 articles) and had about 70 appearances in various TV shows on computers (this was all from 1986 to 1990). I have also taken part in various radio shows on computers since 1994 to 2000. I do have a publishing company called "PC Program", and from 1996-1999 it published 27 books about popular computer games, Windows, MS Office, Internet and the like. I stopped doing publishing in 1999, after my country was air raided by NATO.

About Dusko Savic and Astrology Software

In 1992, I have started writing my own computer program for astrology, called simple the ASTROLOG. Later I have expanded it to automatically generate the list of homeopathic remedies from the chart. This is only my own use, and is not sold separately.

In 1995 one of the biggest computer magazines here published a review of astrological software and I have written the entire edition. It was their best selling issue, probably of all times.

About Dusko Savic and His Media Appearances As an Astrologer

In 1999 I had a series of ten live radio shows on astrology, in which I answered the listeners who contacted me by phone.


In 2001 I appeared three times on the national TV as an astrologer and healer, and since July 2002 to April 2004 I had my own TV show about astrology. It was broadcast from 0:30 am to 3:00 am on Sunday morning, and was extremely popular.

In this show I aswered live contacts who phoned to the show. Usually, there would be about 15 to 20 people on air in one show, the record was 21 person included in the show. They would ask their question, I would key in the data in front of them and they would be able to immediately see their chart on TV. I would then delineate the answer in real time, and they could see how the planets were moving, why the answer was as it was and so on. There some 63 shows in all, but after two years of doing it without a break (I never missed the show), I was exhausted and they closed the show. I still get customers from that time!

About Dusko Savic -- How Good Am I as an Astrologer?

How good am I? Well, in my natal chart it says that I was the greatest astrologer in the country in which I lived in my previous life. (I do not know for sure, but I think it was in Russia or in other some Northern country in Europe).

In this life, I discovered astrology well after my 30th year of life and then, in less than two years, I became a professional astrologer in the sense that people started paying me to hear me read their natal charts. I did read a great number of astrology books, and it always seemed that I already knew it all -- that is one of the signs that I have vivid memories of the subject from previous lives.

Not until my "A Night With An Astrologer" TV show did I reconcile myself with the thought that I should make my living from astrology alone. I do have a university degree in Numerical Mathematics and Cybernetics (that was long ago, when PC's weren't even invented), so I am a mathematician and it shows in my astrology delineations.

I find horoscopes to be the blueprints of person's energies, and the geometry of planetary movements showing us the way how this blueprint will be changed in time. For me, astrology reading is making a map of energies in time (instead of space) and since we know from astronomy where the planets will be, we can predict the trends in one's chart. If there are three similar trends in the same time, that trend will materialize in the life of that person and he or she will marry, divorce, separate, change jobs, change living conditions and so on.

I always tell what I see in the natal and other charts. Many times it is brutal to listen to, but in the end, after the shock is over (my clients usually recover some 3-5 days after meeting with me) everybody says

"it's better to know this in advance then just sit there and be hit by the so-called blows of destiny".

The measure of my success is how many people come back for additional delineations after a while. About 10 people per month come again, usually after a year, sometimes after two or three years. Many act as my non-paid "affiliates", recommending me heartily to their friends and everyone they know.

About Dusko Savic and the Power of Applied Uranus

The stories I hear and help resolve are about lost loves, loves that were never gained in the first place, about the grief for not having children (marital infertility), then divorce and/or separation, children (what will happen to them if I ...!?) and so on. Everybody is unique and I am honored when somebody takes me as their guide to their better lives. I consider myself to be the vehicle for changing peoples' lives -- if and when they choose me to.

In astrology, the planet for that is Uranus and my Sun is in Aquarius, which is governed by the same Uranus, so it makes most sense that people let me in their lives when they want change. About one third of customers is under some other kind of long and heavy transit by Neptune, Pluto or Saturn -- these with Saturn touching their Sun or Venus, they are in depression and I usually recommend healing with Bach flower remedies to them. It works and grandly, at that. Sometimes I get messages such as "we've solved the problem that haunted us for twenty years" and that is the true power of properly applied energy healing in conjunction with astrology.

I can answer any question that any other astrologer can answer, but people usually come to me for questions about

. divorce and love,

. professional orientation,

. losing jobs,

the proper time to start some new activity in general,

. starting a new business in particular etc.

About Dusko Savic and Medical Astrology

However, my specialty is medical astrology. I have devised methods to read from the chart when an illness will be gone, and with which methods to use to fight it. I am not a doctor so I do not cure people, neither do I claim that I will. I just read energies from the chart and if bad energies were present too long, it will show as a physical illness. If you undercut the reason for the illness, you can win, that is, you can help them regain their health. The best way to do it is to

. see from the chart the period of illness,

. counteract it with a well selected baterry of healing methods and then

. change the healing methods when the planets move away.

This method can work wonders.

I get paid for astrology but sometimes I can also undertake long distance healing as a bonus, or if I read the chart in person, I often resort to Bach flower remedies, treating it not as a medical treatment but as an energy supplement. I can heal using

. homeopathy,

. vibropathy,

. radionics,

. Reiki and various other modalities of it,

. flower remedies,

. crystals etc.

As of late, I have concentrated myself on distant healing in general, Reiki distance healing in particular, as well as creating attunements for distant healing. You can find examples of my attunements on Energy Packs pages. In case you had a surgery, you can try my Post Op Attunement, which should speed up the recovery process quite a bit.

This list is constantly edited, as I often learn new methods of healing and try them out on myself. For me, healing is not the goal, only the means of helping my astrology client return to his own self. The essence of life is being unique, developing your own and unique combination of talents, right now, right in this body, right here, on planet Earth.

I get paid for the time spent reading the chart, but I never get paid according to what my advice can do for the client. If I tell someone what to do get to finally get pregnant and it happens, no price will ever be able to pay for that kind of change in life. Helping people out, giving them hope to stand tall when it's tough, that is what ultimately turns me on.

About Dusko Savic and His Other Endeavours

Since June 2005 I have this site, which started as an SBI site

which gives many examples of medical astrology and energy healing applied to tough gynecological problems (this is the site you are reading right now). Although the site is far from finished, it now brings 55-110 USD monthly, purely through AdSense. The price of hosting is 25 per month, so although not really significant, this shows that it is possible to make money from the Internet, by providing good and original content. Learn more about you developing a similar content rich site from

To contact me personally, click here for my contact page.

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